Take things for granted.

As we close the season of giving, which follows the season of thanks, I would like to propose a message to you that, although consciously, I feel like I’ve just thought of, subconsciously, has probably been stewing for quite some time.

We should all hope that we are in a position to take things for granted, because that means that things are going swimmingly (and isn’t that what we all say that we are thankful for during the holiday season? Why would we give thanks for it if we can’t actually enjoy it for ourselves? It isn’t selfish to want good things to happen to you, and to enjoy them when they do. It’s HUMANITARIAN. It’s HUMAN. It’s…GOOD).

Teaching and preaching some kind of message that we should (quite literally) give our thanks out loud to God compulsorily don’t really give glory to God at all, and actually destroy the good peace and harmony that come from God’s gifts.

Now, it could be argued that when one is afraid of losing something that one loves, one becomes quite frantic, and thus, may compulsorily “give thanks” as an appeal to God to keep Him from taking away said gift. I can certainly understand that line of thinking.

However, ironically, this diminishes the value of the gift, as a gift can only be enjoyed when one is relaxed, is at peace, and experiences happiness from the gift.

And the purpose of a gift being given is for the receiver to enjoy it.


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