Modern linguistic problems.

Having an open mind is the worst thing you can have when, among the (say) two messages that are being taught, one is correct and one is incorrect.
Without a stubborn mind, you can not only never know what is correct, but you won’t even be able to make a decision at all, and will be stuck in uncomfortable ambiguity.

1 thought on “Modern linguistic problems.

  1. uriahheep111

    When you make a decision concerning what you believe, your mind is then “closed,” as it were, to alternate view points, meaning you won’t believe in different answers to a question. An open mind listens to ideas but isn’t automatically ensnared by them simply because they’re listened to. The real rub or issue is how long are you willing to be in skeptical ambiguity concerning an issue before you make up your mind to be settled and closed? Our minds are like our mouths; sometimes closed, sometimes open.


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