A motivator m (and/or , , etc.) combined with work w (a culmination of an impossible-to-calculate number of variables, including, for example, effort exerted, the type of labor exerted among different ways labor can be exerted (including how much, with what, and upon what, with amounts existing upon a non-infinite spectrum, etc.)) towards a goal g (or or ) for a duration of t = s for satisfied or u for unsatisfied, where it is unknown whereupon either s or u will appear on life line segment birth-death bd, and unknown how many u‘s or s‘s will appear upon bd. It is known, however, that there will be x number of u‘s and s‘s present, with x /= 0 or a negative number. It is not known whether the number of u‘s or number of s‘s will be greater upon bd.
Solve for ultimate satisfaction us. us = xs > xu. Avoid ultimate dissatisfaction ud. ud = xs < xu.
x is unknown, and not all u‘s are the same; neither are all s‘s the same.
It is also unknown if g, , , etc. = us, ud, or neither, and it is impossible to know where us or ud will appear upon bd, but it has a tendency towards d.

(I apologize if there are any obvious mistakes. It is almost 6 in the morning, and I should currently be in bed before work. Please forgive me).

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