Devin Stevens (aged 27) on millennials.

“Only last year did I learn what ‘millennial’ meant. A person growing up in the late 1900’s and into the 21st century who generally has no sense of love, hard work, or integrity. I, along with many others, fall into that timeline. So we must be worthless human beings.

Ah yes, arrogant old men. God knows how important you are to history. Having power, wealth, and religious influence, we foolish children just stand no chance. But then, why should we really respect you if you have nothing better to do with yourself than lament how godless this generation is? My parents taught me love and respect; they never dreamed about WW2 all day to where they did nothing for their youth.

And besides, what if the Baby Boomer generation just didn’t raise us kids right, and that’s how we’ve ended up as unbalanced as we are? Are you elders really the only ones who care about anyone? But then, if you really did, you’d have more faith in us. Treat us with respect and we young folk will look up to you more.”

The World According to Devin Stevens.

Devin Stevens Presents Literature.

Vex not Thou the Poet’s Mind.

Sit Down for a Second.

Patchwork of the Mind: 16 Short Stories by Devin Stevens on Amazon.


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