This is a helluva joke.

*God, holding a meeting with the angels*

God: “Alright, I’m going to create something called ‘humans’. They’re going to be physically attracted to each other, and they’re going to do something called ‘fucking’ a lot. Basically, it just feels good.”

Angels: “Alright! Hell yeah!”

God: “And as long as they don’t eat anything from this tree that I’ve put in this garden for some reason, they won’t have to feel any confusing emotions regarding this physical attraction. They can fuck and fuck all they want, and they’ll never feel any negative or confusing emotions.”

Angel: “But what if they DO eat from the tree?”

God: “Well…then I guess they’re fucked.”

*angels laugh*

…I’m a fucking genius lmfao



Youtube channel.


Parody about masturbation.

better song about masturbation.

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