“Conquering the Demons”

The anxieties of the past
Still haunt
Devouring the eternally saved soul

There is no Heaven on Earth
The Devil has you
In his grip of worry

A torture
Created in youth
Remaining for a lifetime

A light shines
But it does not comfort
The fear follows it

The words
They remain

The worries
Still remain

It cripples

When will they go away?
And how?

They comfort no longer
If they ever did

And bravery
Never come easily

If he can face death,
Can he face anything?

Can he face the advice?
The religion?
The judgment?

Surely, he must
With time

The balls and chains of the past
Must become memories
For the promise to be fulfilled

A faith
That waits
And yearns
For relaxation
And writing

A carefree expression
Of peace
And catharsis
And carefulness
And, hopefully, success

The anxieties of the past
They haunt

The scrupulous self-judgment
Of every word
But not productive
As with writers

Nay, of the
Suffering of the
Where there is no peace

And isolation
Tease and taunt

The anxieties bark

They howl


And they scare

They remind

They teach

They destroy

It takes a miracle to leave them
That can only come through self-meditation
Deep thought
And contemplation

The words
Still remain

They will know no rest

But the mind
Still yearns for peace
And relaxation
And isolation

The God
Once praised by anxiety
Now praised by relaxation

A culture shock
Shakes you to the core

Everything you once knew
Was a lie

And so, you sit
Naked, and afraid

But peaceful

But anxious

But peaceful…

But anxious……

No perfect way

To end the poem……….



Free Will Contradictions.

2 thoughts on ““Conquering the Demons”

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