Some Reflections Upon the First Season of the Yugioh Cartoon

Yugioh was a cartoon that came on at 4:30pm Monday-Friday and at 11am on Saturday when I was a kid. It was always preceded by Pokemon. I never got home from school in time to watch Pokemon. So I watched Yugioh.

I’m not sure if the cards came before the show in my personal history, but I’m leaning towards the show coming first. At any rate, I always eagerly anticipated it. They never played by the actual rules of the game (which confused you when you went to play for yourself), but the show was addictive, nonetheless. You got to see some of your cards in the show! And what does that card do! I want it! It was just cool watching cartoons play (almost) the same game that YOU did. Sadly, there were never any holograms. And the Dueling Disks were just plastic. I hope that one day, technology will make dueling more like the show. I think it’ll be possible one day. And a bunch of 80-year-olds will be playing it.

So the show brought back a lot of good memories. The fact that they never played by the rules was still confusing, but it made more sense to me this time around. Time crunches, etc. The “adult” side of making a cartoon. I went into this season expecting Pegasus to be my favorite character. But, surprisingly, it was Kaiba. I love Pegasus’s voice actor, but Pegasus was a pussy. “My poor Cecilia!” Give me a break.

Joey was still Joey, of course. I could relate to him. But, as I’ve already said, I was surprised when Kaiba became my favorite character. Part of this is being influenced by Before I watched this whole season by myself, I watched sporadic episodes of various seasons of “Yugioh” with people whom I could chat with live. Every time Kaiba spoke, the chat would say “TOXIC”. It cracked me up, so watching this season made me think of “Toxic” every time he appeared. But that’s what made me love him so much. He was such a dismissive asshole constantly. It made me laugh. You’ve got this storyline about friendship, then this rich guy just comes up and just wants to be a champion for it’s own sake, I guess. Kaiba just made me laugh constantly. I loved it.

The writing of the show is godawful. Yes, I know it is for kids (haha. 4Kids). But it’s still really bad. Incoherent at times. The Japanese version is more adulterated. I mean, for God’s sake, the American version didn’t even let Te’a and Yugi flirt! What kind of shit is that? Or, at least, they didn’t make it obvious. A single blush or two. But it was clearly edited way the fuck down. For being the “Land of the Free“, “America” sure is a giant pussy.

It’s a very flawed show. But my nostalgia for it makes me still love it. I don’t think that’s gonna change.


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