I’ve never really felt comfortable with the acquirement of “fans”, even though I know how talented I am, and that I’ll only get better as time goes along…

I have often been compelled to write so much (as in amount) that I have often been brought to tears at the fear of what it would mean if I actually caught up with myself, and what it would mean if more and more people could relate to my mere words… It has caused such a […]

I’m running out of titles to say the same basic thing: “This is who I AM.”

Buzzwords presented as arguments is depressing. All of this is, as always, related to truth, and the comprehension of said truth, as well as its opposite. It’s a sad life’s work to undertake, and incredibly difficult, but ’tis my passion, and the only thing on this Earth that makes me happier than anything else, I’m […]

What I’m REALLY interested in (I’ll never get rich from it, but it is still who I am nonetheless).

Law of noncontradiction. Paradox. Liar paradox. Axiom. Reductio ad absurdum. Proof by contradiction. Things that I have for sale on Kindle. Where you can financially support me if you so desire.

And here, we have the first REAL introduction to my life’s work: the difference between truth and lies, and how we know, and you can hopefully begin to see some of the problems that I am currently facing (that honestly will never ultimately go away).

I can’t feel guilty for people that want to make their own decisions. If they want to decide to put terrible things into their brains, that’s their choice. I can’t feel guilty for any negative consequences that they face. My life’s work will revolve around explaining the reality that occurs when people say “How do […]

Just the Kind of Guy I Am (Being Hated is the Best Feeling in the World: If You Know How to Handle It)

I want to show you the darkness that is inside of you. There is nothing I hate worse than people with things hidden in the closet trying to give others “moral advice.” I’m going to leave all of my dirty laundry out there for people to make their own decisions, but I am going to […]

Personal Examination of Experimental Repetition

I once had a blog. I guess it was near 10 year ago, now. Would’ve made me 15, 16 years old. Yikes. Glad it’s not still around (although a part of me wishes I could still see what I wrote, and only me). But I’ve always been a scatterbrained little boy, for a multitude of reasons. […]


Inspiration often comes from the weirdest places. Tonight was a night like a lot of other nights. I was surfing the web when I heard a clap of thunder. Considering how much money I spent on my PC, I saved what I was watching (h3 interviewing Jordan Peterson) to come back to later, shut down […]