WHO believes in the concept of “overthinking”; and WHY.

Only an unintelligent person believes in the concept of “overthinking”. He believes that one is “overthinking” when one has exceeded his intellectual abilities. “Think too much”. Things that I have for sale on Kindle. Where you can financially support me if you so desire. Advertisements

A Short Message on the Idiocy of the Concept of “Overthinking” Based on Different Definitions of the Word that I Think Are Correct Based on Experience and Reason. How Do I Know if I’m Right or Not? That is the EXACT point of this piece. So take heed of it completely, if you can.

Girl: “Do you ever think that the person you don’t reply to can be the girl/boy of your dreams? And you ignore them because you base off looks?” Me: “This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Do you ever think that anything that you ever do could always have a better alternative? If so, […]

Discussion of “Happy Happy Joy Joy”

(I may update this if there are any other interesting developments. I love how freedom finds a way to be productive. And the elites will have you believe that (relatively) free speech on the internet is a bad thing. I can’t wait to observe them in Hell from Heaven). Youtube commentor “samthepoor“: “This is a metaphor for the […]

How I Can Become A Better Writer

Behind every good piece of writing are good thoughts. Writing is a series of thoughts strewn together. A writer hopes that his thoughts are coherent, unless he intends for them to be humorous; in which case, he writes an absurdity (with either a grain of truth in his absurdity or a presentation of truth as […]

Don’t circumcise your sons.

When I’m not jacking off to porn, I’m thinking about truth and lies. Truth and lies consume my daily existence, and I think about them nonstop. My brain is constantly stewing over epistemology, the nature of reality, and all related topics. The biggest questions that remain in my mind, however, are really of the epistemological […]

Stefan Molyneux – Video Games vs. Drones: What They Don’t Tell You!

Thank God for this. Logic. Video games. DNews – How Fiction Makes Our Brains Better. DNews – How Playing GTA5 Affects Your Brain. Offend the Fuck Out of People. A PSA by Cody Alan Reel. My response to the dumbass internet and video game hysteria and children amid tragedies (created because of the “Slenderman” murder, but […]

An Analysis of My Past: It Involves Idiots and Bullshit (their bond is tighter than covalent bonding)

I’m starting to understand why I’ve believed some of the dumb shit that I’ve believed. IT’S BECAUSE PEOPLE WOULDN’T STOP SAYING IT. And then they would say to stop worrying about it, but also worry about it: essentially, it came down to “you think too much, so stop worrying about it“, meaning stop thinking about […]

The logic of lethal self-defense.

If we punish lethal self-defense, we punish the preservation of the lives of those that do not initiate force for not allowing those that initiate the force to fully enact the crimes that we give them life in prison (or in fact, even the death penalty) for. In some cases, only lethal self-defense can save someone’s life, […]

An interesting observation.

Most of the people that tell others “You aren’t right just because you say you’re right” seem to believe that “they are right just because they say they’re right.” I may be wrong about that, but it’s something to keep an eye on if you are capable of being so scrupulous (which is valuable). Intelligence. A Short […]