Why do people “fear the worst” when it comes to anarchy, but are completely OBVIOUSLY to “the worst” when it comes to GOVERNMENT?

Government logic: Thousands of dollars over the course of the year must be taken from you by government, or else they can use violence against you and hold you captive, in order to prevent other people from stealing even ten dollars away from you or from holding you captive. If someone saying “Give me your money or […]

My theoretical anarchical system in its infantile stages; Developing Independent Ideas: An Introduction.

This is in no way fully developed; this is rather just an introduction to the concept and topic. Why I’m deciding to undergo this theoretical journey instead of just accepting what is popular, I do not know. Why one idea is popular while the other isn’t, I do not know. But I do know my history, and […]

A potential insight about a difference between anarchy and government.

It seems like in anarchy, you have to hope that there are more good people than bad people. Under a government, you have to hope that the bad people don’t come into power, even if there are more good people than bad people. Murray Rothbard – Society without a State. Politics. Economics. Voluntarism and Capitalism.

From the 12th chapter of Murray Rothbard’s “Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature”, entitled “Anarcho-Communism”

“Now that the New Left has abandoned its earlier loose, flexible, nonideological stance, two ideologies have been adopted as guiding theoretical positions by New Leftists – Marxism-Stalinism and anarcho-communism. Marxism-Stalinism has unfortunately conquered SDS, but anarcho-communism has attracted many leftists who are looking for a way out of the bureaucratic and statist tyranny that has […]

Corrupt Justification

Originally posted on Devin Stevens Presents Literature:
“‘I had forgotten that you are only a common boy. How should you understand reasons of State? You must learn, child, that what would be wrong for you or for any of the common people is not wrong in a great Queen such as I. The weight of…

Larken Rose on cop-killing.

Larken Rose – “It Can’t Happen Here!” Anarch. Rothbard. More Rothbard.

Murray Rothbard on sports.

“Of all areas of life, sports should be the arena least touched by politics. For the glory of being a sports fan is precisely that we are engaging in fun and play, that we are permitted to be ‘irrational’; that is, to be Yankee or Mets fans, to love our team and to hate the […]

Thoughts about the current NFL/protest situation.

I’m glad I genuinely don’t give a shit about the NFL situation right now. By “not giving a shit”, I mean not getting angry about the whole situation. I have my opinions about the whole situation, but I’m not as angry about it as it seems like everyone else is. In fact, I actually find […]


I don’t feel like this is “done”, but I’m tired of fucking looking at it, so I guess that means it’s “done”. I’m tired of considering it “not done” and spending time trying to think of what is wrong with it when I know that so much other work that isn’t done remains undone. It’s time […]