The Apparent Conflict Between “Practicality” and “Art”

I’m not sure if my best friend, Devin Stevens, wishes me to make this public or not. But I think I will, anyway. My best friend, Devin Stevens, has a habit of walking back and forth, talking to himself. It is interesting, and some might even say peculiar. I really only paid attention to it […]

A prediction (and then joke) about my future children. Very direct, this title is… Nonsensical, exact, and to the point… And, apparently, unnecessarily long-winded… But satisfying, nonetheless…

Something tells me that my first child will be a daughter, and my second child will be a son. Let’s go fuck some random stranger to find out… Or I can do this… Or get someone else to do it for me 😉 And, I guess, I’ll piss some people off here while I’m at […]

Things that apparently make me sexist to people my own age.

I didn’t really want this blog to turn into Facebook, but I deal with this all of the time, so I figured that I’d post it here to get it off of my chest and make people aware of it. 1. I don’t want kids. Mothers my age get really angry when I say this. […]

The Apparent Conflict Between God’s Sovereignty and Human Action

I’m having a bit of an existential crisis about human action, here. If I accept that human action does not get us closer to God, but rather that God is in control of our faith, etc., then is there any difference between the human action that we take on a political level, or others? In […]

The Apparent Disconnect Between Thinking and Acting

Humans do two apparent things: think, and act. The thought itself is characterized by the lack of action, although it could be argued that thinking is an act itself. For the sake of this piece, let’s say that action is characterized by movement of the body. It is often said that thinkers do not take action, nor enough […]

A Message From A Shitty Writer

A young man gets bored, and decides to write a story. He decides to write a story about the most exciting thing he can imagine. Along the way, he discovers that he isn’t very good at it. He’s created the literary equivalent of a McDonald’s hamburger: it’s food, but not very sustenary; full of shitty […]

On Mental Independence

To be human is to be individual. Although all humans share a common humanity (that’s why they’re called “humans“), and this fact is used to consider individual human beings as part of a collective, the truth of the matter is that each human is an individual at the core of his or her being. To […]

Accepting Evil

I was introduced to the concept of “evil” at a very young age. It was introduced to me through religious conservatism, as well as through television news. Both were saturated with incessant talk of evil things that people were doing all around the world. When my religion taught me that I was evil, when I […]

Why am I so blessed? Or have I spoke too soon?

I can’t recommend enough that people study economics. It has taken over my life, for the better. It is the ultimate red pill. Governments make sense when you study economics (if you’re studying the right places). It makes revolutions all the more understandable, and is truly frightening in making you realize that, very likely, you […]


Ideological conflict is human nature. Us humans were given life on this planet, without a say so in the matter, and we live. Our very existence is a conflict. Within our existence, there exists “nature”. This “nature” provides us with things we need to live (air, water, etc.), and also things that can kill us […]