How I’m starting to view my career dreams…

I’m starting to get to that point career-wise where I tell myself “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Insightful. A Memorandum on Dreams. Career approach. I Really Don’t CARE If Other People Don’t Like My Work. Things that I have for sale on Kindle. My Youtube channel. T-shirts. Donations? Where you can financially support […]

Me, imagining that all of my career decisions have blown up in my face:

Interviewer: “So, Cody: what do you think of your career so far?” Me: “It has backfired spectacularly.” Where you can financially support me if you so desire (please share all of these links). Insightful.

HOPEFULLY, a career turning point for me before my hair turns gray with worry.

Perhaps it is time to reevaluate my life, and stop worrying about money so much. Instead of dreaming about having tons of money, and instead of even working towards it, perhaps I should find other enjoyments, and focus on those for a while. I don’t want to be a businessman. I want to be an artist […]

Career approach: 12/30/14 1:19 AM

I normally don’t like to pander to people, for various reasons that I’ll no doubt put within a piece of literature in the future, but I suppose that I should clarify a few things, and also ask a few things from you guys. Everyone is trying to sell something. Normally, I don’t like to advertise advertise […]

Imagination and My Career

Imagination is one of the most valuable things that we have as humans. As Einstein says, it can take you anywhere. But not only that, but you will enjoy the ride as well as the destination. Excerpts from my fiction. My poetry. Insightful. Thoughts. My Youtube channel. About. Things that I have for sale on Kindle. […]

What the next phase of my career is going to be, as of 9/3/14.

I think what the next phase of my career is going to be is screenshotting retards that think they are philosophers just so people can marvel and laugh to keep from killing themselves, much like Robin Williams did throughout his whole life (until he didn’t). Intelligence. Stefan Molyneux. Things that I have for sale on […]

A relaxing process as I philosophically delve into my career and economics

One thing that I’m learning is that something is rarely appreciated as soon as it is created. Because not everyone sees something as soon as you create it. You create it, and you market it where you can, but it isn’t shown to everybody and sometimes, it is seen months after the original creation and […]

Review of George Orwell’s “1984”

This is one of those books that is hard to do justice with a review. The copy that I read, borrowed from my best friend, has a preface by Walter Cronkite written in 1983, and an afterword by Eric Fromm in 1961. I’ll share a little bit of each of these before I write my […]

Murray Rothbard on sports.

“Of all areas of life, sports should be the arena least touched by politics. For the glory of being a sports fan is precisely that we are engaging in fun and play, that we are permitted to be ‘irrational’; that is, to be Yankee or Mets fans, to love our team and to hate the […]

On Mental Independence

To be human is to be individual. Although all humans share a common humanity (that’s why they’re called “humans“), and this fact is used to consider individual human beings as part of a collective, the truth of the matter is that each human is an individual at the core of his or her being. To […]