I’m not saying that I like to fuck children. But…

…if she’s 18, and looks like a 12 year old… …or is 12 and looks like an 18 year old… (Lmfao. I’m going to Hell for that joke. Or at the very least: prison). Excerpts from “Frank and Bob”. I realize that I’m going to catch a lot of heat for this joke, but on principle (of free speech, […]

A prediction (and then joke) about my future children. Very direct, this title is… Nonsensical, exact, and to the point… And, apparently, unnecessarily long-winded… But satisfying, nonetheless…

Something tells me that my first child will be a daughter, and my second child will be a son. Let’s go fuck some random stranger to find out… Or I can do this… Or get someone else to do it for me 😉 And, I guess, I’ll piss some people off here while I’m at […]

Leftists debate like children.

Leftists act like children: Whoever yells the loudest wins, right? Isn’t that how arguments work? Liberal. Fem. Politics. Economics. Voluntarism and Capitalism.

My response to the dumbass internet and video game hysteria and children amid tragedies (created because of the “Slenderman” murder, but it’s relevant to Columbine, or any fucking shooting or murder when people lie and blame video games (or maybe they blame video games because they’re retarded)).

Obviously, it’s the internet’s fault that you are being a stupid retarded piece of shit parent. Blame the internet because you’re too stupid not to give your child the internet in the first place. Let’s not talk about the fact that you feel like a cell phone with an internet connection is like a separate […]

Personal Examination of Experimental Repetition

I once had a blog. I guess it was near 10 year ago, now. Would’ve made me 15, 16 years old. Yikes. Glad it’s not still around (although a part of me wishes I could still see what I wrote, and only me). But I’ve always been a scatterbrained little boy, for a multitude of reasons. […]

Review of George Orwell’s “1984”

This is one of those books that is hard to do justice with a review. The copy that I read, borrowed from my best friend, has a preface by Walter Cronkite written in 1983, and an afterword by Eric Fromm in 1961. I’ll share a little bit of each of these before I write my […]

Review of “Gerald’s Game” by Stephen King

At first, it might seem odd why a young man, with a critical penchant, would decide to subject himself to a story in which, no doubt, the subject matter would be ripe for critique. Why does a man subject himself to something he hates, only to complain about it? It must be that he actually enjoys the […]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

He sat down at his computer desk. Resilient; braced by the cold. The deadly stars signaling down upon him a hope that science couldn’t understand. Hope couldn’t be calculated numerically. But what could be measured, in a way, deadened the beauty of the firmament. Beautiful mystery became cold, deadly reality. The curiosity of childhood became […]

Review of Stephen King’s “It”

It’s too damn long. Part of the problem is seeing the movie before reading the book. I knew there was going to be a spider, so I wanted to get to that part. That probably diminished some of my enjoyment of the story. Not entirely, however. I like King’s horror and gruesomeness, but I didn’t […]

The Apparent Conflict Between “Practicality” and “Art”

I’m not sure if my best friend, Devin Stevens, wishes me to make this public or not. But I think I will, anyway. My best friend, Devin Stevens, has a habit of walking back and forth, talking to himself. It is interesting, and some might even say peculiar. I really only paid attention to it […]