Love and Advantage

A man came by the house today. He was a man I’ve known my entire life. And it wasn’t the first time that he’s ever showed up at the house. He had some cards that he was wanting to know the value of. Some Yugioh, Pokemon, Magic, and some other cards that I’m not sure […]

Chapter 13 of Murray Rothbard’s “For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto” (1978) entitled “Conservation, Ecology, and Growth”

Liberal Complaints Left-liberal intellectuals are often a wondrous group to behold. In the last three or four decades, not a long time in human history, they have, like whirling dervishes, let loose a series of angry complaints against free-market capitalism. The curious thing is that each of these complaints has been contradictory to one or […]

If I could write like this every fucking day, I’d be set. But turning my brain off (somewhat) for extended periods of time is the only thing that keeps me sane. I haven’t learned to keep up with it yet, nor learn how to use it.

I’m on the stoop of literature. Once that front door opens, there’s no going back. Navigation will become a non-stop way of life, with only a vague destination in mind. Wandering the halls forever, of imagination, both internal and external. There’s no going back. There’s no escaping the escapism, once you enter. You’re trapped. You […]

On Being Read Without Reading

For some reason, everything that I write seems to overlap in some way. This makes me feel crazy, as I fear the reader will think I’m crazy. I’m afraid that anything that I really want to say will be misunderstood by the reader; if not due to the reader’s comprehension skills, then my own communication […]

“The Grip”

It starts with the foreskin The first thing to go Lest you catch a disease From a filthy ho Then comes desire It must be squelched Before the Great Lake of Fire Consumes your bones with a mighty belch Then comes talk About love, and marriage Where people who want a fuck Create righteousness through […]

Modern linguistic problems.

Having an open mind is the worst thing you can have when, among the (say) two messages that are being taught, one is correct and one is incorrect.   Without a stubborn mind, you can not only never know what is correct, but you won’t even be able to make a decision at all, and […]

Another (of the numerous) message on the opinions of others…

As often as I’ve seen masses of people misinterpret and misunderstand someone, and try to make said person a “pariah”, I really don’t know why I should give a fucking goddamn at all what someone thinks of me. If I can ever stop caring about that stupid shit altogether, I know in my heart my […]

WHY question “conventional wisdom” at all? And HOW do we know if answers derived from a “questioning of conventional wisdom” are objectively correct and, therefore, justified, or not?

Since when did “evil” become “necessary”? Suffering with an inevitability does not mean that its actions can be objectively ethically justified. People cannot be “good” until evil becomes extinguished. And because we cannot banish the own evil within us, nor banish any evil entirely, we cannot make ourselves completely good. THIS is what can be meant by the […]