Creative Confidence

I entered this world as an introvert. As I got older, comedy became my way of communicating with other people. Whenever I allowed my brain to develop a completely independent thought that wasn’t “comedy”-related, and shared that thought with others, I often found that they thought I was crazy. I started to believe this as […]

*Insert a creative metaphor for a writer’s insanity*

I find it interesting, analyzing myself as a writer, that I don’t care about grammar that much, although I’d like to increase my vocabulary (and develop more coherence); but I don’t like talking to people. It’s a weird, contradictory life as a writer, where you don’t want to talk to people, but you want to […]

A problem with being a creative genius…

There’s just no way that I can get all of the creative work that I want to get done done in my lifetime. The new ideas that keep popping into my head ensure that… Uncompleted work… Genius. Art. My work. Intelligence. Intellect Equals Cockiness?


I think I’m just going to try to stop copying what I like about the work of other people and am instead going to take a bigger risk, and just become consumed with blazing my own trail… I’m tired of comparing my content (and “success”) to other people who create things. It’s honestly hindering my […]

A turning point in my artistic creativity?…

The quest for external justification is not making me happy anymore, so I suppose that I must create my own little imaginary world through which to create what makes me happy. And after that, I have no fucking idea what to do or think… I’ll just hope and pray that it makes me rich, I […]

What I must learn with my creative work.

I can never get it all done at one time, especially when I’m constantly coming up with new ideas, but that doesn’t mean I can’t whip it out whenever I want to… Someone’s “whipping out” who is bigger, longer, and better than mine 😥 Excerpts from my fiction. My poetry. My Youtube channel. Creativity. Education. College.

Repetition involving self-improvement (which forces creativity to create unique titles…)

If I’m going to be happy, then I must revel in my intelligence, and I must somehow, GOD WILLING, find the self-confidence to ignore those that tell me otherwise. Individualism, happiness, and critique are all part of the human experience… A Bad Review on One of My Stories Helped Me Analyze It for Myself.

My mindset about content creation.

Best case scenario: I succeed beyond my wildest dreams. Worst case scenario: I stay right where I am right now. There’s no excuse not to keep creating content. Where you can financially support me if you so desire (please share all of these links). Things that I have for sale on Kindle. My Youtube channel (Adsense). […]