Master debater.

Convincing someone to agree with me is not worth the payoff. I receive little, if any, enjoyment from debates, as I don’t find getting frustrated at idiots enjoyable, nor do I find learning about subjects that I don’t care about enjoyable. Intelligence. Masturbation. Even more masturbation.

Arguing, Debating, and Correctness of Ideas

Since when did not having a desire to debate and argue make your position less correct? Does arguing and debating make your argument more correct? Then logically, it must mean that lack of desire to debate and argue does not make one’s position less correct, for that would mean that arguing and debating makes one’s argument more correct. […]

My take on the LEGISLATIVE side of the college student athlete-getting paid debate.

The only thing I’m afraid of about the push for college athletes to get paid is for legislation to get involved. The athletes should boycott, or there should be competing leagues that will offer these kids a chance to play. Just don’t get the legislative branch involved. (After I was told “Good point” by, I was […]

Political debates.

“I want to point guns in people’s faces to take their money for this reason, and YOUR REASON IS UNETHICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Liberal. Fem. Politics. Economics. Voluntarism and Capitalism.

Leftists debate like children.

Leftists act like children: Whoever yells the loudest wins, right? Isn’t that how arguments work? Liberal. Fem. Politics. Economics. Voluntarism and Capitalism.

“Debating” is ultimately pointless.

There’s no point in debating politics because if there are still people that believe that the Sun revolves around the earth, there’s no hope for more subtle knowledge-bases being absorbed by people’s consciousnesses, and thus, things like political debates are just pointless. There’s no point in arguing about the earth revolving around the sun, and […]

ANOTHER description of how to debate when you’re stupid.

When you’re stupid, you automatically condemn your accuser for the thing you are being accused of without having sufficient evidence to support it. Your simpleton mind sees that some people accuse their accusers of what their accusers are accusing them of, so you think that it automatically works all of the time without being able to […]

How to debate when you’re stupid.

When you’re stupid, you don’t use arguments, but rather you just repeat what your opponent has said as if you have checkmated him, and thus we have an explanation for the process that many people use to do whatever dumb things it is that they are doing. Intelligence. Stefan Molyneux – Self-Defense Against Idiots! Stefan Molyneux […]

Here’s a catchy title with the word “blood” in it. Intrigued? What’s it about? Hmm. Find out?

Went to Walmart so that I could get an outdoor mat to have one for each door. A blood van was there. It wasn’t the American Red Cross: it was The Blood Connection. They asked if I’d give some blood, and I said I would. I was pretty anxious. I’m used to blood and needles […]