Devin Stevens on the pledge of allegiance.

“Instead of the pledge of allegiance to the American flag, we should stand and recite parts of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence from memory.” See more of Devin’s work here. Devin Stevens. Murray Rothbard – Education: Free and Compulsory. More Murray Rothbard. Voluntarism and Capitalism. #CalExit. Advertisements

Devin Stevens’s Yugioh-Bernie Sanders mashup.

Yugioh TCG Exclusive! BERNIE SANDERS Attribute: White ATK 2500 DEF 3000 Socialist/XYZ/Effect Rank 4 2 level 4 Democrat Monsters “If you control ‘Hillary Clinton,’ destroy this card. During either player’s turn, you can attach a ‘Democrat’ monster from your hand to this card as XYZ material. During either player’s turn, you can detach one XYZ […]

Devin Stevens’s Yugioh-Trump mashup.

Yugioh TCG Exclusive! Rise of the Republicans Starter Deck! 20 dollars a box. Features include: TRUMP’S RED CAP Ritual Spell Card “This card is used to ritual summon “Donald Trump.” You must also tribute “white” monsters from your hand of field whose total level stars equal exactly 8. Except the turn this card was sent […]

Devin Stevens (aged 27) on millennials.

“Only last year did I learn what ‘millennial’ meant. A person growing up in the late 1900’s and into the 21st century who generally has no sense of love, hard work, or integrity. I, along with many others, fall into that timeline. So we must be worthless human beings. Ah yes, arrogant old men. God […]

Devin Stevens Seeks to Learn about Tags

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Due to an offensive post from the blogger “Harsh Reality,” I’ve decided to attach some tags to this short piece in the hope that it can generate some likes and views. My untagged writings don’t receive as much attention as I’d like. According to “Harsh Reality,”…

Devin Stevens on race.

“It’s a good thing I hardly ever look at myself on the basis of race. It has saved me from a lot of tedious homework, which, no matter how well done, will always get a failing grade.” More Devin Stevens. Random Devin Stevens moment. Christianity. The World According to Devin Stevens.

Devin Stevens goes to NY Ch. 5: “The Sky”

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The thing is, my favorite part about my New York trip was the plane rides to and back from New Jersey. Before leaving for New York, I had never been in a plane before. In my earlier years, I would’ve shunned the idea. Being thousands of…

Devin Stevens goes to New York Ch. 3: The Still Street

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Besides walking hand in hand with a human rush, there were two primary ways we navigated through Manhattan: subs and tour buses. The subways were lengthy in that it took a while to find the correct station, and that was if we were lucky. Every time…

Devin Stevens goes to New York Ch. 4: The Names in Black

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I think it was around Monday when me, my mother, and brother went to the 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan. The weather was as chilly as ever, crowds stuck to the alleys and walls, and the horns blared loud. We walked and walked and walked, just to…

Devin Stevens Goes to New York Ch. 2- “The Height of Capitalism”

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Many a morning did I see Times Square in New York. But that was thanks to ABC, a very skeptical source of real-life information. Either it was Good Morning America or The View that showed looming, electric buildings advertising fast food, clothing lines, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals.…