Individualism, the diversity of adults, and writers.

I can see what type of person I am, and what type of man I am going to become, and I enjoy it ❤ Individual. Insightful. Things that I have for sale on Kindle. Where you can financially support me if you so desire.

I think that the purpose of life is happiness. I think that the purpose of diversity can only be understood by God Himself, unless He enlightens someone with perfect knowledge about diversity.

I think that happiness is the point of life because everything else would be unfilfilling. Diversity is God’s natural plan, and that means that happiness comes in all different shapes, sizes, abilities and passions, which can mean a smart person can hate their intelligence while a dumb person loves their stupidity, and you can have […]

One of my first revelations about the illogicality of the practicalities of the liberal “diversity” and “equality” agenda combined together (not just each one analyzed, but the actual illogicality of their compilation when pushed to logical extremes, as everything must be)

Liberal messages of “diversity” and “equality” often conflict, which is why liberalism is illogical. For instance, when it comes to “diversity”, we hear that different cultures value different things. Fair enough. But then if we are to suggest that some cultures are better at some things than others, somehow, that’s factually incorrect and just bigotry […]

“Equality” and “Diversity”

Just because no humans are perfect doesn’t mean that some humans aren’t more intelligent than others. To say that that isn’t true is a false statement to be had. Are there any equalities between humans? Sure. I don’t think people should be murdered: smart person and dumb person alike. But are there any differences? What […]

Love and Advantage

A man came by the house today. He was a man I’ve known my entire life. And it wasn’t the first time that he’s ever showed up at the house. He had some cards that he was wanting to know the value of. Some Yugioh, Pokemon, Magic, and some other cards that I’m not sure […]

Murray Rothbard, “Diversitarian”

Murray Rothbard celebrates diversity. “If men were like ants, there would be no interest in human freedom. If individual men, like ants, were uniform, interchangeable, devoid of specific personality traits of their own, then who would care whether they were free or not? Who, indeed, would care if they lived or died? The glory of […]

Accepting Evil

I was introduced to the concept of “evil” at a very young age. It was introduced to me through religious conservatism, as well as through television news. Both were saturated with incessant talk of evil things that people were doing all around the world. When my religion taught me that I was evil, when I […]

A Brief Piece About Language

The hardest part of starting a piece of writing is starting it. (I hope I’m credited for this quote some day). It may be noted that the hardest part of writing is coming up with an idea. But the hardest part is actually reigning them in. To put it bluntly, “writers” who say that “I […]

Why Express?

Why do we desire to express ourselves with other human beings? What is this desire to “express”? What are we looking for? Why is it so natural, and so human? Why are we social creatures? Why don’t we exist without the ability, nor even, without the desire to express? Why aren’t we isolated atoms, unconscious, […]

Diverse individuality is a beautiful thing indeed…

“Mommy? Daddy?” the little girl inquired. “Fuck me like the porn stars do.” *SLAP!* Diversity. Individual. Excerpts from “Frank and Bob”. Louis CK learns about the Catholic church.