Anything that is written, as this is, must come from some perspective. Something that is created must go somewhere. Must have some meaning. There has to be a reason for why the creator created it. It must come from the vision of the creator. The creator wants people to see his end result. He has […]

Accepting Evil

I was introduced to the concept of “evil” at a very young age. It was introduced to me through religious conservatism, as well as through television news. Both were saturated with incessant talk of evil things that people were doing all around the world. When my religion taught me that I was evil, when I […]

A Brief Piece About Language

The hardest part of starting a piece of writing is starting it. (I hope I’m credited for this quote some day). It may be noted that the hardest part of writing is coming up with an idea. But the hardest part is actually reigning them in. To put it bluntly, “writers” who say that “I […]

Personal Happiness as a Virtue

Humanity has an aversion to happiness, and I can’t figure it out. Conservatives tell you that holiness is more important than happiness (as sin can make one happy, and that leads to eternal damnation), and other people, generally unhappy, will tell you countless reasons as to why “There are more important things in life than […]


The wickedness of mankind has been discussed since mankind’s creation. There are historical words of far more significance than mine here will ever be. And yet, I still feel a desire to write them. Expression is a therapy. Even as an introvert, generally disliking people (especially listening to them), for some reason, I feel a […]

A Knight and a Jester…

I just wanted to take the time to say that I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about me. Yes, it is annoying for people to misinterpret my work, and I hate explaining myself to “haters”, and yes, I do get sad when people misinterpret my work, and I do often “defend” myself when, […]

Good ol’ conservatism.

Teaching people that they have a “moral duty” to others is one of the worst things you can teach them. Moralism is not love… Christianity. Conserv. Circumcision.

Condemnation and condemnation.

I’m so sick of giving people the benefit of the doubt just because of some misplaced “moral duty.” Some people are just fucking retards. And I want to be left alone. I’m not going to Hell for it. Free Will Contradictions.

Religion is a form of OCD.

Obsessive thought: “I’M GOING TO HELL!” Compulsion: Go to church, Pray, Do “good deeds” ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Obsessive thought: “I’m a Christian.” Compulsion: Proving it ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Obsessive thought: “I have a moral duty to save others.” Compulsion: Preaching at them, Trying to convert them, Handing them religious pamphlets… ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Obsessive thought: “I’m a sinner.” Compulsion: Asking for […]

The Historical Development of Ideas

Basically, if you see what people most desperately claim to have, they’re PROBABLY PREVENTING said thing from occurring. Meaning that the ideas that are preached the loudest and most angrily are the ideas most lacking within the speaker, although not always the case. Certainly there are loud and vociferous people who actually do have the ideas within themselves that they preach, but there seems to be […]