An Uneducated Perspective of Art (Specifically, Comedy) on the Internet

It is fascinating to think of all of the different artistic things created throughout human history. The number of writings, songs, etc. The fact that music almost 40 years old is still listened to; that writing 60, 100, 180 years old is still read. I have this weird fear of things like the internet disappearing. […]

Education and Problem-Solving

It’s amazing, the amount of problems than an education can solve. It’s also sad that so many people think that sitting in a classroom automatically equals an education. They’re cheating themselves and their kids… Education knows no bounds… Except those which ignorance sadistically places upon it… Murray Rothbard – Education: Free and Compulsory. Thoughts.

ANOTHER Devin Stevens quote about education (the boy won’t shut up about it…)

“I think education is more of a personal journey than submitting without question to what others claim truth is. You really are the captain of your own ship.” Devin Stevens. Education. Murray Rothbard – Education: Free and Compulsory. Voluntarism and Capitalism.

Save your eternal soul with public education. (Hypothetical 1984-type government propaganda…)

“Anarchist” and “antichrist” are awfully similar in spelling. Coincidence? I think not… GET THAT CHILD SOME PUBLIC EDUCATION, QUICK! BEFORE HE BECOMES FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Education. Politics. Economics. Voluntarism and Capitalism.

Another BEAUTIFUL Devin Stevens quote. THIS time, about education.

“I take pride that our education system promotes diversity and development of thought. You’re sure to learn all kinds of history: 1st grade- Pilgrims and Indians. Lincoln and Black People 5th grade- Pilgrims and Native Americans. Lincoln and Blacks 6th grade- Jews and the Holocaust 8th grade- Pilgrims kill Indians. Lincoln frees all Blacks with […]

The obvious reason that government wants to control education (as it wants to control EVERYTHING).

It’s sad that people applaud a “free” education (paid for by tax dollars. Logic?), when the incentive for the “free” education is to brainwash people into keeping politicians in power (even though the politicians change, the state says the same. Or rather, it just grows and grows).

A line from Rothbard’s “Education: Free and Compulsory” (I can relate to and learn more from this man than I can from the repetitive, illogical masses that I have become accustomed to)

“The public schools had to be kept politically as well as religiously neutral. One basic flaw in this plan, of course, is that in dealing with political and economic subjects, it is almost impossible to treat them intelligently and accurately while being strictly neutral and avoiding all controversy.” Read the full thing here. (Fem). More genius […]