I don’t want to mention any names (but I do anyway), and CERTAINLY other people have had it worse than I did, but, nonetheless, there’s some problems here with how I was raised, and with conservative morality, which teaches people to repress their honest emotions with the rationalization that “other people have it worse”. It’s just quite frankly UNLOVING, to be honest with you…

Sometimes, shoddy things just happen. That’s a lesson that I had to learn early on in life… Over and over and over again… Depression, once a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, that I would have to hope and pray would go away, now does not seem as daunting. Granted, I have not reached that level of darkness […]

Oblivion to the emotional clouding of rational judgment.

During times of tragedy, people look for scapegoats to eliminate the negative feelings (violent video games, “rape culture“, etc.). However, it only leads to a loss of freedom, and does NOTHING to prevent the evils which were the reason for the “change” in the first place. It’s a sad reality that too few see… (The […]

Risk-taking isn’t just about losses for the capitalist. It’s about EMOTIONAL risk for the one who wants to be widely known for being a thinker, an artist, and a creative type.

Succeeding is about taking risks. You have to put your heart and soul on the line and be willing to do so knowing that you will receive criticism and vitriol. There’s no other way to truly succeed. Things that I have for sale on Kindle. Where you can financially support me if you so desire.

Anger at God (but, more importantly, honest acceptance of emotions).

If you can’t be honest and open at God, including being angry at Him, then I don’t understand the point of Him. If you can’t honestly express your anger at God if you have it, then I don’t understand what good it does to believe in Him. If you are honestly angry at God, ignoring this for […]

The doubters’ greatest weapon (attacking for self-defense against the non-physical (mental, emotional)).

Engineering doubt is the greatest weapon of the one who doubts. Liberalism. Education. Intelligence. Libertarianism and Capitalism. Stefan Molyneux – Self-Defense Against Idiots! Things that I have for sale on Kindle. Where you can financially support me if you so desire.

An analysis of why I write such dark things, as of 6/4/2014 (and no, I’m not a murderer or a rapist, so calm your emotions there, women, even though I know that’s hard for you to do)

This (the main one). Some more thoughts about this. And, just for kicks, FEMINISM. Synonymous with? EVIL. Cody Alan Reel is a sexist.

Lack of intelligence and lack of logic replaced with emotions (intentions, etc.) explains our education problem

When I’m “learning” stuff in college that I’ve heard since 6th grade, something isn’t right here. “Light travels in a straight line, and racism.” FUCK ME. Nobody REALLY cares about education except for these people AND the people that are condemned for being smartasses. Some thoughts about my college education so far, as well as […]

The next time I hear someone religious tell people to repress their emotions, here’s what I’m gonna do

The next time I hear someone religiously telling people to repress their emotions, I’m going to shoot them in the face with a shotgun and fuck all of the little holes that are in their face, then hang their dead carcass up in the air and say “See? IF YOU DO THIS AGAIN, THAT’S WHAT […]

“Public”, “Morality”, Emotions, Logic, and Practicalities

Just throw the word “public” around and everything sounds better. It sounds “moral.” But when we use emotions and “morals” to guide us instead of logic and practicalities, we, obviously, fail to see the “logical” conclusions of our “moral” and “emotional” actions that we take, as well as failing to see all of the “practicalities” […]


I have a fear of going to places that I’ve never been before: feeling uncomfortable emotions on stage, developing a following as a writer, immersing myself into what I want my careers to be: these are things that require basically all of your energies and emotions. This is not something that I’ve really done before. […]