Absolute equality is impossible. It is human RIGHTS that are important. Liberalism is based on envy, and nothing else.

Intelligence gaps are the most disconcerting (I always spell that “disconcerning” for some reason) thing to me because they are the one thing above all else that proves that man is not created exactly equally. All men have rights, but not all men are exactly the same and thus, some men must be better than other men […]

The relationships between guilt, envy and gifts (think Cain and Abel)

Often, one person’s guilt is fueled by another person’s envy (although sometimes, guilt is fueled by intrinsic existential fear). People are only envious of the gifts of others. But gifts are not exchanges: meaning, they aren’t conditional. Gifts are received by humans because of the love of God. Economics. Economic blog. Christianity. May 25, 2014.

A Short Message on my Personal History with Envy (More Analysis to Come)

Envy of wealth doesn’t make you wealthier and envy of muscles doesn’t make you more muscular. Envy has been the biggest setback in my life, and it really pisses me off. I wasted a lot of years on envy. But thankfully, the people that I was envious of could actually experience some peace and happiness in their […]

Misfortune, Wealth Distribution (although not in its entirety), Envy, Logic, Compassion, Natural Rights, and Communism

Why should we feel guilty for being at peace because others are misfortuned? If misfortune is such a bad thing, as evidenced by the fact we feel guilty for something, why is it bad when others are disadvantaged, but good when others and ourselves are disadvantaged? We should support people that aren’t disadvantaged just like we support […]

Envy and the Free Market

It sounds cliche, but it really is true. You may see a superstar pitcher who is young and say “Man, he came out of nowhere,” but only he knows how he got there. You may watch a movie and say “Man, anyone can do this,” but until you go through the entire process just as […]

Review of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”

My decision to re-read books of my past, and review them, continues with “The Great Gatsby”. “The Great Gatbsy” is one of those books that seems to be an assigned reading multiple times throughout one’s “formal” education. The first time I recall being assigned to read this was in 11th grade. And the second time […]

Review of George Orwell’s “1984”

This is one of those books that is hard to do justice with a review. The copy that I read, borrowed from my best friend, has a preface by Walter Cronkite written in 1983, and an afterword by Eric Fromm in 1961. I’ll share a little bit of each of these before I write my […]

The Apparent Conflict Between “Practicality” and “Art”

I’m not sure if my best friend, Devin Stevens, wishes me to make this public or not. But I think I will, anyway. My best friend, Devin Stevens, has a habit of walking back and forth, talking to himself. It is interesting, and some might even say peculiar. I really only paid attention to it […]


Anything that is written, as this is, must come from some perspective. Something that is created must go somewhere. Must have some meaning. There has to be a reason for why the creator created it. It must come from the vision of the creator. The creator wants people to see his end result. He has […]


I have always scoffed at the phrase “Life is not about the destination, but the journey.” No doubt, as is the case with everything, this was influenced by being raised in religion. I was introduced to the idea that when I die, there is a perfect place I am going to if I do x […]