The epitome of liberalism.

Here. (If you can’t tell that he’s black, you’re an imbecile). Clearly, he’s also satirizing as well. Liberal. Economics. Voluntarism and Capitalism. Epitome. Advertisements

Moralism, moralism, moralism. FUCK IT. Don’t repeat these “righteous” phrases in your head.

If you can’t recognize the fact that people are dumb, you’re in for a miserable life. “Cody, why are you calling everyone dumb?” You are showcasing a prime example of moralism: always repeating these “good ideas” in your head like “Don’t call other people stupid,” etc. because you think it is the “right thing to […]


Economics is based on productivity, not jobs. As the classic saying goes, if a healthy economy were based on jobs, roads would be dug out with spoons instead of bulldozers, because you would have to employ many times more people. However, I don’t think that anyone besides maybe Keynesians would argue that a healthy economy […]