“Fake” Reality and Religion

I have attempted to do this several times, and although I have, I believe that I have gone down different paths beginning with the same source. Therefore, if this is repetitive, it is my attempt to take the direction in a different direction, with the conclusion ultimately being unknown until I get there. However, this […]

“Everything is Fake”

It is difficult for one to give an accurate definition as to what life is. Life involves so many different pieces that come together that it is hard to accurately define what it is, because it is almost certain that you will leave something out against your wishes. However, philosophy attempts to do just that. […]

Are Celebrities REALLY fake? More analysis to come.

You don’t have to like something just because it’s famous. But say that you don’t like something that is popular and watch the reaction lol Thinking that all famous people are fake has to be a false statement because there’s no way that they could be happy if they were faking as often as is […]


Inspiration often comes from the weirdest places. Tonight was a night like a lot of other nights. I was surfing the web when I heard a clap of thunder. Considering how much money I spent on my PC, I saved what I was watching (h3 interviewing Jordan Peterson) to come back to later, shut down […]

Review of 2017’s “It”

Saw the movie “It” yesterday. I knew it wasn’t going to be as good as the first miniseries, so I wouldn’t say that I was disappointed. It was a CGI shitfest. Hollywood keeps churning them out because people keep buying the tickets. I guess most people enjoy the ugly patchwork of CGI “action” (or, at […]

Saturation vs. Stimulation (In Movies, Particularly)

When I ignore what I’m told, and “nerd out”, I’m much happier, and my work is better. I hope I can retain this confidence to “choose my words carefully”, and be “overly descriptive”, because it actually makes me happy. With that being said, here’s the topic that I wish to discuss using said hope. I […]

A Way Out

Never before in my life have I felt more in control of my life. And never have I felt more terrified (well……maybe that’s an exaggeration. I’m sure my recollection of past anxieties is quite understated, now that I’ve given it more than five seconds of thought (it’s odd how sometimes, it’s hard to forget what […]


😦 <- (This is a funny link. Please click it). I think that phase, so common in adulthood, where dreams begin to die, and restless complacence starts to kick in, is creeping into my subconscious ever so subtly. I have always dreamed big, even if my effort put forward would cause me to fall and crash […]

“Real” Actions, and the Relationships Between Famous People and Non-Famous People

I’ve written pieces about this before (see “Are Celebrities REALLY fake? More analysis to come.”, and “‘Everything is Fake’”), but as I always say, I hope to go down a different path even though the topic is similar, as I have already attempted to do many times and which I will probably continue to do […]

I’m fucking FED UP with liberal and religious moralists

The way a lot of people view the world just makes me sad. The way that I used to view the world, that everything was fake, and that nothing was real except for misery, makes me sad as well. Celebrities are fake, everything that is financially successful is fake, etc. That would be a bad […]