“Real” Actions, and the Relationships Between Famous People and Non-Famous People

I’ve written pieces about this before (see “Are Celebrities REALLY fake? More analysis to come.”, and “‘Everything is Fake’”), but as I always say, I hope to go down a different path even though the topic is similar, as I have already attempted to do many times and which I will probably continue to do […]

The System of Checks and Balances for “Famous” People, and What I Mean by That

The ultimate system of checks and balances for “famous” people is criticism. Checks and balances meaning so that they don’t become like an actual king or queen, even though they’ve earned the right to do a lot of things with their life (that they pay for with the money that they have been given). Criticism […]

cracked.com – The 5 Craziest Ways Famous Actors Got into Character

This is inspirational  http://www.cracked.com/article_20172_the-5-craziest-ways-famous-actors-got-into-character.html?wa_user1=1&wa_user2=Movies+%26+TV&wa_user3=article&wa_user4=recommended

The Apparent Conflict Between “Practicality” and “Art”

I’m not sure if my best friend, Devin Stevens, wishes me to make this public or not. But I think I will, anyway. My best friend, Devin Stevens, has a habit of walking back and forth, talking to himself. It is interesting, and some might even say peculiar. I really only paid attention to it […]

How to find a good title for everything that amounts to a “life’s work”?

I think I’ve finally figured out a good way to describe what exactly it is that I’m looking for out of life. It comes down to one word: “profundity”. I want to be moved. I want nature and life to make me cry. I want to be able to cry in front of someone while […]


I have always scoffed at the phrase “Life is not about the destination, but the journey.” No doubt, as is the case with everything, this was influenced by being raised in religion. I was introduced to the idea that when I die, there is a perfect place I am going to if I do x […]

Chapter 13 of Murray Rothbard’s “For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto” (1978) entitled “Conservation, Ecology, and Growth”

Liberal Complaints Left-liberal intellectuals are often a wondrous group to behold. In the last three or four decades, not a long time in human history, they have, like whirling dervishes, let loose a series of angry complaints against free-market capitalism. The curious thing is that each of these complaints has been contradictory to one or […]

A Way Out

Never before in my life have I felt more in control of my life. And never have I felt more terrified (well……maybe that’s an exaggeration. I’m sure my recollection of past anxieties is quite understated, now that I’ve given it more than five seconds of thought (it’s odd how sometimes, it’s hard to forget what […]