My Thoughts on Free Will and Why We Imprison Murderers if We Don’t Have It

Just because I don’t believe that we have free will doesn’t mean that I support murder. What I mean by that is even though I do not believe that we have free will: the ability to choose to follow God or not to follow Him, that we can lose our faith: even though I do […]

Free Will Contradictions

If we were commanded to love God, but Christ freed us from the punishment of the commandments, that would seem to suggest that we would be free from the punishment of not loving God. However, the irony here is that once you are aware of your faith, you do love God, and if the ability […]

Freedom = happiness to me (at least more than slavery can).

Freedom creates happiness more than anything else can.   This is what it means to be human more than anything else, I believe.   To be human is to be free.   To be human also means to enslave, and be enslaved, I admit.   But I don’t believe slave-owners are actually happy.   Deep down, […]

The Conflict between Freedom and Restraint in Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray

Originally posted on Devin Stevens Presents Literature:
In the last few decades of nineteenth century Victorian England, the moral disposition that Queen Victoria had ushered in with her rule began to be challenged. Individuals questioned the authenticity of morality in both public and private life. It is not a mistake that two literary works close…

Let Freedom Ring

Maybe more of these grieving black families will join us crazy gun nuts if enough black people get killed. It’s sad that it comes to that, but the grip of free stuff is powerful indeed… It’s sad that it takes such tragic events to wake people up to the nature of the State, but the […]

God bless “free” countries…

Thank God that I live in a “free” country, where if I don’t give a group of people pieces of paper who have the power to print an unlimited amount of said pieces of paper, I get a gun pointed to my face, and get physically forced into a cage for an extended amount of […]

The eternal battle for freedom, and those who impede it (including not-commonly-thought-of (at least in some powerful circles) culprits).

Whenever business colludes with government, so many people condemn the businesses and go to government to help. They fail to realize the crucial difference between the two, and that the government is the institution that claims a so-called “monopoly of force.” I can understand why one would want the “monopoly of force” on their side, but when […]

The extent that government “allows” freedom.

Government only “allows” (notice I didn’t say “gives”) freedom to the extent that they can keep power. If they get too powerful, then there is a revolution. Therefore, they only “allow” freedom to the extent to prevent a revolution. Of course, they still want as much power as possible. Politics.

Assumptions, government, and freedom.

When it comes to anarchy, most people “assume the worst”, but when it comes to government, they “assume the best.” And this is their justification for the existence of a state. But if the basis for your side is to “assume the best” and your basis against the other side is to “assume the worst”, then why can’t we […]

A line from Rothbard’s “Education: Free and Compulsory” (I can relate to and learn more from this man than I can from the repetitive, illogical masses that I have become accustomed to)

“The public schools had to be kept politically as well as religiously neutral. One basic flaw in this plan, of course, is that in dealing with political and economic subjects, it is almost impossible to treat them intelligently and accurately while being strictly neutral and avoiding all controversy.” Read the full thing here. (Fem). More genius […]