Internet goals.

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JESUS fucking Christ. When am I going to STOP with these GODDAMN GOALS?!

My goal is to get the nonsensical down to a science… Jokes. Videos that can only be categorized as “Comedy”. Logic. More logic. Christianity. Offend the Fuck Out of People.

The goal of liberalism is to mute people. And it’s deadly.

The goal of liberalism is to make it absolutely illegal for anyone to hurt anyone else’s feelings, and that can only lead to death in the end. Because that means that the freedom of speech must be changed, and that must mean that ultimately, only one viewpoint can be allowed. And if people speaking don’t […]

My ultimate purpose in life, the expression of which is becoming greater and greater to where it will reach a point of perfection and no turning back. My goal is 100% honest expression with no fears and no manipulations of my own intentions in my own mind.

I’m finally getting closer and closer to that point where I can piss as many people off as possible and have ZERO fucks to give. Where they can’t convince me of my own intentions and I don’t have to worry about anything at all. THAT would be my perfect existence ❤ I have to keep […]

The goal in my intellectual life. (I consider myself to be many different things. First and foremost, I want to be a student of objective truths. Next, I want to be an entertainer and someone that relaxes people. These are my two biggest driving forces in my life).

My goal in life is to have some type of theory about as many phenomena in life as I can conceive of, and my hope is that some of these things have value much as the theory of relativity did, or something of that nature. My goal is to be remembered as someone that brought […]


Inspiration often comes from the weirdest places. Tonight was a night like a lot of other nights. I was surfing the web when I heard a clap of thunder. Considering how much money I spent on my PC, I saved what I was watching (h3 interviewing Jordan Peterson) to come back to later, shut down […]

Love and Advantage

A man came by the house today. He was a man I’ve known my entire life. And it wasn’t the first time that he’s ever showed up at the house. He had some cards that he was wanting to know the value of. Some Yugioh, Pokemon, Magic, and some other cards that I’m not sure […]