Those that most angrily command others to “grow up” are ironically the most childish.

Telling people what they want to hear is equivalent to giving a sucker to a child who is having a tantrum. Offend the Fuck Out of People. Intelligence. Excerpts from my fiction. Age. Things that I have for sale on Kindle. Where you can financially support me if you so desire.

My work-in-progress while growing up…

My brain is so curious and enjoys learning so much that it hasn’t developed the “bullshit filter” like it needs to… Intelligence. Ignorance. Highly Sensitive Mind. Age. Education. Christianity. Logic. More logic. I don’t feel like rereading this to know if it’s worth sharing or not, but I wrote it, so here you go… Descartes – […]


😦 <- (This is a funny link. Please click it). I think that phase, so common in adulthood, where dreams begin to die, and restless complacence starts to kick in, is creeping into my subconscious ever so subtly. I have always dreamed big, even if my effort put forward would cause me to fall and crash […]

The parts of Böhm-Bawerk’s “Capital and Interest” that resonate most with me (updated as I read).

1. “Literally to ascribe to capital a power of producing value is thoroughly to misunderstand the essential nature of value, and thoroughly to misunderstand the essential nature of production. Value is not produced, and cannot be produced. What is produced is never anything but forms, shapes of material, combinations of material; therefore things, goods. These goods […]

Chapter 13 of Murray Rothbard’s “For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto” (1978) entitled “Conservation, Ecology, and Growth”

Liberal Complaints Left-liberal intellectuals are often a wondrous group to behold. In the last three or four decades, not a long time in human history, they have, like whirling dervishes, let loose a series of angry complaints against free-market capitalism. The curious thing is that each of these complaints has been contradictory to one or […]

Maybe I should just call ALL of my pieces “Personality Growth” from now on.

I wish I had an explanation for why I’ve done mentally unhealthy things in the past so that I could keep other people from doing them, but honestly I wouldn’t know where to begin with my explanation except to say that we were promised suffering because of sin, and I think that was definitely the […]

Thank God for Rich Oil Executives: Why We Should Not Be Afraid of Failing OR Growing Businesses

This may be the hardest economic pill for people to swallow. There are a couple, actually. The first is that if a product or service is of a high demand (i.e., it is highly desired and people have the means to pay for it), then the price must rise, and the producer must obtain more […]

Review of Stephen King’s “It”

It’s too damn long. Part of the problem is seeing the movie before reading the book. I knew there was going to be a spider, so I wanted to get to that part. That probably diminished some of my enjoyment of the story. Not entirely, however. I like King’s horror and gruesomeness, but I didn’t […]


Anything that is written, as this is, must come from some perspective. Something that is created must go somewhere. Must have some meaning. There has to be a reason for why the creator created it. It must come from the vision of the creator. The creator wants people to see his end result. He has […]