I have no idea who this guy is (in fact, it’s the first work I’ve ever SEEN of his, even though his NAME sounds familiar), but I like this…I can actually relate to a lot of this.

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Genius video game idea. Give me money. (You steal it, you pay me…)

There should be a game called “The Life of a Faggot“, kind of like Katamari Damachi, where you just roll around and pick up (gay) wood until you generate SO much friction that flaming up is inevitable… Theory of a Deadman – Bad Girlfriend Parody (Original; lyrics in description). More¬†anal sex. My video game videos. […]

Anxiety + retards = a bad idea.

People have always unjustly considered me a “monster.” Perhaps that is why I’ve lashed out upon it so “violently”… It’s unjust to do that to an anxious, gullible child… Fuck you all. Hope you all get decapitated and raped in Hell, you goddamn, ignorant, fearful motherfuckers… The perception of me as an immature kid who […]

Fresh ideas.

I don’t want to relish in¬†old¬†ideas. I just want to create¬†new¬†ones. I just keep the old ones around to get paid, even though I enjoy them… Probably some subconscious religious BULLSHIT about pride… I hate conservatism with all of my heart, even though sometimes it reveals its¬†chains¬†to my heart… Free Will Contradictions. Christianity. Articles. My […]

Arguing, Debating, and Correctness of Ideas

Since when did not having a desire to debate and argue make your position less correct? Does arguing and debating make your argument more¬†correct? Then logically, it must mean that lack of desire to debate and argue does not make one’s position less¬†correct, for that would mean that arguing and debating makes one’s argument more¬†correct. […]

Leftism is SUCH a shitty idea that THIS is how it recruits people.

Liberalism is such a shitty idea that the ONLY WAY they can RECRUIT is by calling everyone a racist and a sexist. What fucking FAGGOTS. Fem. Economics. Voluntarism and Capitalism.

The HARDEST part of developing an idea.

“Where to begin?” The nature of writing is that you have to do it: the exhausting nature of the work which I wish to¬†accomplish. Things that I have for sale on Kindle. Where you can financially support me if you so desire.

The Historical Development of Ideas

Basically, if you see what people most desperately¬†claim to have, they’re¬†PROBABLY PREVENTING¬†said thing from occurring. Meaning that the ideas that are preached the loudest and most angrily are the ideas most lacking within the speaker, although not¬†always¬†the case. Certainly¬†there are loud and¬†vociferous people who actually¬†do¬†have the ideas within themselves that they preach, but there¬†seems¬†to be […]