Peaceful Inevitability

Inevitability can be a comfort. Certain inevitabilities that I have discovered in my life have given me peace, despite the inevitable troubles that I know I’m going to face all-throughout it. If it weren’t for these inevitable truths, I would have no hope for a good life. Truth leads to peace. Absolute truths lead to […]

How to find a good title for everything that amounts to a “life’s work”?

I think I’ve finally figured out a good way to describe what exactly it is that I’m looking for out of life. It comes down to one word: “profundity”. I want to be moved. I want nature and life to make me cry. I want to be able to cry in front of someone while […]


Anything that is written, as this is, must come from some perspective. Something that is created must go somewhere. Must have some meaning. There has to be a reason for why the creator created it. It must come from the vision of the creator. The creator wants people to see his end result. He has […]


I have always scoffed at the phrase “Life is not about the destination, but the journey.” No doubt, as is the case with everything, this was influenced by being raised in religion. I was introduced to the idea that when I die, there is a perfect place I am going to if I do x […]


There’s never enough alone time Even when by the self, there are voices There are voices needed for stimulation They talk vain words A momentary distraction From the work that lies ahead They foster the imagination Rev up the dreams Inspire Motivate Stimulate The crash comes in waves The hopes, and the dreams There’s never […]

Sitting in Silence

Despite the fact that, as a writer, I wish that I spent most of my “writing” time actually physically writing, the truth is that, as I am painfully learning, that a large percentage of a writer’s time is sitting in silence, thinking. In some ways, this has always made me feel very uncomfortable. Uneasy. Although […]

Narrating my life as if I’m a separate character because I’m losing my mind.

“Deep down, he had the fear. That he really didn’t care. That he cared that he didn’t care. That it would all come crashing down upon him. That everyone was right. He was wasting his time. His dreams, delusional; his actions, unproductive. His time, running out. Fearful of being crippled with inevitability. That all he […]

My own opinions; my own little world; my own bubble; my own PEACE…

From now on, I’m not going to get involved in debates, or try to change people’s minds, or worry about the fallacies in their heads. I’m just going to ignore them, write my opinions, and let other people do what they want to with it. I’m tired of stressing out over other people’s incorrect worldviews… […]

On My Potential (Inevitable?) 35th Anniversary of Working at Walmart (WoW)

I’m never going to make it past 35 years at Walmart. At that point, I’m committing suicide. On my 35th anniversary, in fact… Peaceful Inevitability. Economics. Voluntarism and Capitalism. My Youtube channel. Where you can financially support me if you so desire (T-shirts included; please share all of these links).

Genius video game idea. Give me money. (You steal it, you pay me…)

There should be a game called “The Life of a Faggot“, kind of like Katamari Damachi, where you just roll around and pick up (gay) wood until you generate SO much friction that flaming up is inevitable… Theory of a Deadman – Bad Girlfriend Parody (Original; lyrics in description). More anal sex. My video game videos. […]