A Brief Piece About Language

The hardest part of starting a piece of writing is starting it. (I hope I’m credited for this quote some day). It may be noted that the hardest part of writing is coming up with an idea. But the hardest part is actually reigning them in. To put it bluntly, “writers” who say that “I […]

Language, toothbrush holders, and SCIENCE!…

“This toothbrush holder will hold my pencil, while this one will not…” “Why not?” “Because of the way the matter of each particular toothbrush holder is organized through space, as well as the nature of the way that the matter of the pencil is organized.” Science (because I’m clearly an expert on these sorts of things…) A Philosopher’s Mind. Intellect […]

FINALLY: some CONSISTENCY within the GODDAMN English language…

Horror. Horrible. Horrific. Terror. Terrible. Terrific. More English bullshit. Even more English bullshit. (Yes, there’s more! :O Excerpts from my fiction. My poetry. Articles. Where you can financially support me if you so desire (T-shirts included; please share all of these links).

Idiots and Language

I don’t do anything for the fame. Just because I want it (so I can get rich) doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the work, and doesn’t mean that enjoyment isn’t the purpose of my work… Where you can financially support me if you so desire (T-shirts included; please share all of these links). Intelligence. Logic. More logic. Ignorance. Moral. Christianity. Economics. […]

Government scam and language manipulation.

If government is by the people and for the people, then why does it take taxes from said people? When people pay taxes, do they feel like it is “by” themselves? When they pay taxes, do they feel like it is “for” themselves more so than what they would’ve bought had they have to pay […]


Inspiration often comes from the weirdest places. Tonight was a night like a lot of other nights. I was surfing the web when I heard a clap of thunder. Considering how much money I spent on my PC, I saved what I was watching (h3 interviewing Jordan Peterson) to come back to later, shut down […]

Review of “Gerald’s Game” by Stephen King

At first, it might seem odd why a young man, with a critical penchant, would decide to subject himself to a story in which, no doubt, the subject matter would be ripe for critique. Why does a man subject himself to something he hates, only to complain about it? It must be that he actually enjoys the […]

Here’s a catchy title with the word “blood” in it. Intrigued? What’s it about? Hmm. Find out?

Went to Walmart so that I could get an outdoor mat to have one for each door. A blood van was there. It wasn’t the American Red Cross: it was The Blood Connection. They asked if I’d give some blood, and I said I would. I was pretty anxious. I’m used to blood and needles […]