A Message From A Shitty Writer

A young man gets bored, and decides to write a story. He decides to write a story about the most exciting thing he can imagine. Along the way, he discovers that he isn’t very good at it. He’s created the literary equivalent of a McDonald’s hamburger: it’s food, but not very sustenary; full of shitty […]

A Short Message (with a Necessarily Long Title) Regarding my Personal Opinions About Comedy Amid A Terribly Distressing Existence (as well as an Insight into my Hypersensitive Nature)

Occasionally, I feel the need to write something stupid. No doubt, I do not need to try very hard at this. But I am well aware of how far behind other readers and writers I am as far as intellectual depth is concerned. Although I hope to increase my reading comprehension and knowledge of the […]

Another (of the numerous) message on the opinions of others…

As often as I’ve seen masses of people misinterpret and misunderstand someone, and try to make said person a “pariah”, I really don’t know why I should give a fucking goddamn at all what someone thinks of me. If I can ever stop caring about that stupid shit altogether, I know in my heart my […]

A message to the older folks. “What?” I SAID A MESSAGE TO THE OLDER FOLKS!!! “No, I don’t like any yolks!” Oi…

For all of you old people, text speech (“lol” and stuff) was created because technology limited the number of letters that you could use in each message, so you had to be much more economical than you would had you had a quill, ink, and a herd of sheep from which you could draw parchment. […]

A Quick Message About Music and Message

If I genuinely and intently tried to understand every single message that every single band from every single song that I listen to and have listened to was trying to convey (with further, non-musical explanations from them as well), I’d stop listening to music altogether. Imagining what they’re talking about (or viewing their words as […]

I’m DESPERATELY calling out for a liberal to help me! Oh yeah, and a message about a permanence within humanity.

Idiocy is the norm, always has been the norm, and always will be the norm. Wait, did I say “norm“? Was I supposed to say “social construct” or what? QUICK, PLEASE, SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT TO THINK! USE THE GOVERNMENT AGAINST ME IF YOU HAVE TO! PLEASE! HURRY! I CAN FEEL MYSELF DEVELOPING INDEPENDENT IDEAS AND THAT […]

A short message about my nature.

People’s lack of rigorous mental standards is exhausting to me. My nature. Communication and depth. Insightful. A Philosopher’s Mind. Intellect Equals Cockiness? Things that I have for sale on Kindle. Where you can financially support me if you so desire.