Narrating my life as if I’m a separate character because I’m losing my mind.

“Deep down, he had the fear. That he really didn’t care. That he cared that he didn’t care. That it would all come crashing down upon him. That everyone was right. He was wasting his time. His dreams, delusional; his actions, unproductive. His time, running out. Fearful of being crippled with inevitability. That all he […]

The product of dumb luck or a mastermind?

“Roller coaster” is such a fucking weird phrase. It feels so goddamn lazy. Perhaps it’s because it is so simplistic, plain, and effective that I resent the self-perceived lack of effort that went into naming it (when I often finding “the right word” so goddamned difficult…) Grammar. Envy.

Post-Holiday mindset.

Welp, the holidays are officially over. Back to the daily existential crises of lethargy, dreams, dead-end shit jobs, failure, confusion, ideological opposition, advice, uncertainty, boredom, conformity, pessimism, fury, doubt, dissatisfaction, stupidity, deceit, entrapment, and all of the other beautiful fucking things on this planet that we are blessed with that are all somehow supposed to […]

How my mind has always worked, even from youth, with associations…

The words “grandfather” and “grandmother” always made me think of buttery, fluffy biscuits… And, in this song, the part about “1000 walls” made me think of “thousands and thousands” of chocolate chips, as that was (paraphrased, perhaps) their marketing slogan, and the exclamation point always made me think of “1000” as well… (Read the Wikipedia […]

“The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.”

MY question is: Who cooked the Krabby Patties before Spongebob in the first episode? It’s obvious that the Krusty Krab was an established restaurant: not one that just opened. Was it Squidward? But he is later shown to be a terrible cook in subsequent episodes. Or did he just forget how to cook after Spongebob got there? And how long […]

My mindset about content creation.

Best case scenario: I succeed beyond my wildest dreams. Worst case scenario: I stay right where I am right now. There’s no excuse not to keep creating content. Where you can financially support me if you so desire (please share all of these links). Things that I have for sale on Kindle. My Youtube channel (Adsense). […]

A liberal’s response to Michael Sam being cut from the Rams and periodically not having a team (this didn’t happen to me directly, but I KNOW this has to go through the mind of SOME liberals just based on what they will not fucking shut up about (the ignorance)).

A black gay man was cut from a league that is owned mostly by white men? I’m sure the liberals are having a field day. Also, WHY is the NFL mainly men? THE PATRIARCHY, OF COURSE. WOMEN SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO VIOLENTLY HIT BIG, STRONG MUSCULAR MEN JUST AS MUCH AS MEN DO AND […]

My ultimate purpose in life, the expression of which is becoming greater and greater to where it will reach a point of perfection and no turning back. My goal is 100% honest expression with no fears and no manipulations of my own intentions in my own mind.

I’m finally getting closer and closer to that point where I can piss as many people off as possible and have ZERO fucks to give. Where they can’t convince me of my own intentions and I don’t have to worry about anything at all. THAT would be my perfect existence ❤ I have to keep […]

My FAVORITE childhood sports memories, particularly baseball (not exhaustive). It’s writing style feels VERY poetic: my style <3 My style reminds me of "A Christmas Story." Read it, and you might agree. I know you will love it, but you CAN’T as much as I do. Enjoy.

There’s nothing quite like reminiscing. Went to the ballfield that I played on as a kid. Recalled running soccer laps and comparing myself as a kid to World Cup players; recalled running the bases before I was even 10 years old; remembering how seldom I got on first in practice; second was even rarer and third was […]

I love confusion and despise it all at the same time. I love it, because it fuels my curiosity and makes me look for infallible truths, but I also despise it because it at the same time reminds me that I’m not there, and understanding the value of truths makes me want to have them, and not having them is like being thirsty and knowing that you need water, but not knowing where any is, if there is enough of it to satisfy your thirst, or even if there is any at all. THIS is my existence: what I wish it to be, and thankfully, what it is, so what it is and what I want it to be are in perfect agreement, and I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

I’m a unique individual just as everyone else is, but for the life of me, I confuse myself just as much as other people confuse me, and it makes me wonder how we know anything truthful at all (something isn’t true just because we believe it, as I know someone will say “It’s true because we believe […]