Murray Rothbard on Compulsive Morality

“Suppose for a moment, that we define a virtuous act as bowing in the direction of Mecca every day at sunset. We attempt to persuade everyone to perform this act. But suppose that instead of relying on voluntary conviction we employ a vast number of police to break into everyone’s home and see to it […]

I don’t want to mention any names (but I do anyway), and CERTAINLY other people have had it worse than I did, but, nonetheless, there’s some problems here with how I was raised, and with conservative morality, which teaches people to repress their honest emotions with the rationalization that “other people have it worse”. It’s just quite frankly UNLOVING, to be honest with you…

Sometimes, shoddy things just happen. That’s a lesson that I had to learn early on in life… Over and over and over again… Depression, once a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, that I would have to hope and pray would go away, now does not seem as daunting. Granted, I have not reached that level of darkness […]

Moralistic slavery.

I’ve become desensitized to slavery thanks to moralism. Same way that conservatism desensitizes people to Christianity. Liberal. Offend the Fuck Out of People.

Moralistic “compassion.”

It has always pained me when others were disadvantaged where I was blessed. I don’t need moralism preaching to me to be compassionate, and I need not worry a’tall about what others say about my intentions and desires… Insightful. Intelligence. Talent. Liberal. Economics. Voluntarism and Capitalism.

Logic, Money, and Morality

Logic dictates that with an anti-money mentality, justified by the self, will come less money than otherwise would occur if one accepted the fact that one wanted more money, and took the steps necessary to attempt to get it, instead of condemning it on some kind of self-defined “moral” ground… Logic. Moral. Christianity. Money. Economics. Voluntarism […]

Misguided morality strikes again (all it DOES is strike).

Just because a murderer paints a picture of his horrible act does not mean that one who paints horrific, fictional scenes is a murderer as well. Without this distinction, say goodbye to freedom from evil by government with regards to expression. Moral. Christianity. Offend the Fuck Out of People. Offensive. Video games. My Youtube channel. Excerpts […]

Logical strenuousnouss, and mystical laziness known as “moralism.”

The majority’s practical interpretation of the phrase “I am my brother’s keeper” is that the listener should be the slave of someone other than the person speaking (more often than the person speaking, at the very least, if not constantly) so that the person speaking can be holy in the eyes of God, or because […]

Ayn Rand on “Irrational Morality” from pg. 37 of “The Virtue of Selfishness”

“An irrational morality, a morality set in opposition to man’s nature, to the facts of reality and to the requirements of man’s survival, necessarily forces men to accept the belief that there is an inevitable clash between the moral and the practical—that they must choose either to be virtuous or to be happy, to be idealistic or to be […]