My thoughts on the Heismann presentation (by Nissan).

The Heismann spectacle gets on my nerves. Just get the bullshit over with. Just an excuse for advertisements. It could be over in five goddamn fucking seconds. Just open the goddamn envelope -.- College. Basketball. Sports. Advertisements

My Thoughts on Free Will and Why We Imprison Murderers if We Don’t Have It

Just because I don’t believe that we have free will doesn’t mean that I support murder. What I mean by that is even though I do not believe that we have free will: the ability to choose to follow God or not to follow Him, that we can lose our faith: even though I do […]

Some thoughts about my college education so far, as well as about education in general, all derived from one pet peeve instance of online homework

The online homework from my community college was set up much better than the homework from my “university.” There’s no good in multiple attempts at a question if at some point the correct answer doesn’t pop up. I don’t even care if I don’t get credit for the answer. I want to know what I got wrong […]

My (non-exhaustive) thoughts on abstinence

Abstinence? No fucking way. Let’s see: we can either have sex early and work on compatibility issues (safely) and if it doesn’t work out, we’re none the worse for wear, OR we can date for a long time, FINALLY have sex, and be so incompatible because we didn’t practice early on that our differences are […]

Thoughts about the current NFL/protest situation.

I’m glad I genuinely don’t give a shit about the NFL situation right now. By “not giving a shit”, I mean not getting angry about the whole situation. I have my opinions about the whole situation, but I’m not as angry about it as it seems like everyone else is. In fact, I actually find […]

An Amateur’s Thoughts on “America”

Americans don’t care about the world or world history because we’ve already done, in 200 years, what it took millennia for the rest of the world to start doing, and they still haven’t even caught up yet. I’m only half joking. Why was America known as the “Land of Opportunity”? Why is America known as such […]

Analyzing My Decision-Making

In my opinion, there is something fundamentally wrong with the way I am currently approaching my work. By “my work”, I mean my writing (and probably my comedy as well). I need some changes. The main issue currently is the fact that I’m not working on it as much as I believe that I should. […]

How my mind has always worked, even from youth, with associations…

The words “grandfather” and “grandmother” always made me think of buttery, fluffy biscuits… And, in this song, the part about “1000 walls” made me think of “thousands and thousands” of chocolate chips, as that was (paraphrased, perhaps) their marketing slogan, and the exclamation point always made me think of “1000” as well… (Read the Wikipedia […]

Some brief thoughts about justice, as well as why I, as some critics will no doubt state, “raise hell about every little thing” and “don’t care about big issues”.

I’m very justice oriented, and I’m more forgiving of heinous crimes, where it is more difficult for me to understand what would drive someone to do some things, whereas I’m more strict on trivial manners, because I know I have the power to keep them from happening (whereas with the previous case, I’m not sure). It’s […]