An announcement regarding my writing journey!

Originally posted on The World According to Devin Stevens:
Well, here it is. My first available work to the reading public, an honest project to call my own and which I hope you’ll enjoy. If you have a Kindle, that is. If not, it’s all good. A time may come later when I submit these…

How my writing stacks up to some of the greatest writing out there, and how I feel about that.

Honestly, considering how many books there are in the world to read, and how good some of them are individually, I have no reason to believe that anyone would read mine. But, I want to write, so that’s what I do. And I’ll take what I can get and (hopefully) be happy with that…

How I feel about my writing as of 9/11/14.

I’m excited about the future prospect of my writing, considering how much of it is going to occur while I am alive. The only unknown, besides how exactly each piece is going to turn out as well as how many pieces are going to be turned out is going to be the reaction to them, […]

My fear of going insane due to getting lost in my imagination… : Why my best friend is probably Buzz Lightyears away of me as far as writing is concerned…

Practice is the only way to get better at something. So I must get lost in my writing… (He’s pretty much been telling me that he’s been wanting to do this himself for the past couple of years. I never really understood it until now…) I’m also beginning to understand how I can become a […]

My FAVORITE childhood sports memories, particularly baseball (not exhaustive). It’s writing style feels VERY poetic: my style <3 My style reminds me of "A Christmas Story." Read it, and you might agree. I know you will love it, but you CAN’T as much as I do. Enjoy.

There’s nothing quite like reminiscing. Went to the ballfield that I played on as a kid. Recalled running soccer laps and comparing myself as a kid to World Cup players; recalled running the bases before I was even 10 years old; remembering how seldom I got on first in practice; second was even rarer and third was […]

Not the first message about my offensive comedy, but just another one because I want to write it down to an absolute science (if at all possible), and considering how much I love knowledge, theories and the blackest of comedies, my life’s work will be a perfect match for me (raping dead babies. I mean, what? Writing, of course (about the dead babies))

It’s always nice when you can understand those personality traits that are most intrinsically you, that really are what you enjoy, and just what you are on the most deepest of levels. For me, those levels are understanding everything as much as possible, having an insatiable desire for curiosity and intelligence, being funny 100% of […]

Writing blues.

9/21/17. Midnight. The house is quiet, but the mind is dishearteningly loud. This is the perfect time to read. Books are calling your name. You start to read and…it bores you. Your mind drifts to your own work. All of those poorly written stories. This is the perfect time to write. But it is all […]

On Writing with Nothing to Say

Why do I desire to write when I have nothing to say? Or, rather, why do I have something to say when I don’t desire to write? I constantly find myself in one of these two camps as a writer. Sometimes, such as right now, I desire to write. I open up my works of […]