A short, smart statement about the conflicting nature of religious conservatism.

A religious conservative, by virtue of not being calm, can do little effectively, for his mind is always torn between his actions and his anxieties… And, anyway, he often finds little time to do anything other than deceiving others that he is pleased with his current state of contentment… Free Will Contradictions. Christianity. Offend the […]

A Short Message (with a Necessarily Long Title) Regarding my Personal Opinions About Comedy Amid A Terribly Distressing Existence (as well as an Insight into my Hypersensitive Nature)

Occasionally, I feel the need to write something stupid. No doubt, I do not need to try very hard at this. But I am well aware of how far behind other readers and writers I am as far as intellectual depth is concerned. Although I hope to increase my reading comprehension and knowledge of the […]

One of the natures of women.

The nature of the woman is to overreact. Every rational man and woman knows this. Immature women that haven’t grown up become “feminists” believe otherwise (and also, men with no backbone).

The nature of writing is that you have to do it: the exhausting nature of the work which I wish to accomplish.

The nature of writing is that you have to do it. In other words, if you wish to have something written, you must write it. I rather despise the process of writing because of its difficulty in achieving the desired end-product. I wish I could create certain end products without the processes used to get there, […]

From the 4th chapter of Murray Rothbard’s “Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature, and Other Essays” entitled “Justice and Property Rights”

The Failure of Utilitarianism Until very recently, free market economists paid little attention to the entities actually being exchanged on the very market they have advocated so strongly. Wrapped up in the workings and advantages of freedom of trade, enterprise, investment, and the price system, economists tended to lose sight of the things being exchanged […]

From the 12th chapter of Murray Rothbard’s “Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature”, entitled “Anarcho-Communism”

“Now that the New Left has abandoned its earlier loose, flexible, nonideological stance, two ideologies have been adopted as guiding theoretical positions by New Leftists – Marxism-Stalinism and anarcho-communism. Marxism-Stalinism has unfortunately conquered SDS, but anarcho-communism has attracted many leftists who are looking for a way out of the bureaucratic and statist tyranny that has […]

From the 8th chapter of Murray Rothbard’s “Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature”, entitled “The Great Women’s Liberation Issue: Setting it Straight”

This was written in 1974. It’s amazing how the ignorance of history always repeats itself. You can download the whole thing, in pdf form, here. “It is high time, and past due, that someone blew the whistle on ‘Women’s Liberation.’ Like the environment, women’s lib is suddenly and raucously everywhere. It has become impossible to avoid being assaulted, […]

From the 7th chapter of Murray Rothbard’s “Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature”, entitled “Kid Lib”

This man is a genius. “Among the highly touted ‘liberations’ of recent years, sometimes genuine and more often spurious, ‘kid lib’ seems to be waiting in the wings. In fact, one libertarian publication claims that ‘kid lib’ is the next wave of the future. What ‘kid lib’ is supposed to be is now unclear; and […]

The “diverse” individual natures of the fool and the intelligent: my life’s work.

Fools will always be fools, and nothing will change this. Self-esteem is the only thing that saves the intelligent, but if he cannot obtain self-esteem with his first actions, the intelligent always has intelligence to fall back on if he has enough self-esteem to do so, meaning that if he can’t find self-esteem, he should […]