Feminist “neckbeard” and “fedora” bullying.

Feminists literally make NO sense. If it’s simply about equality, then what do “fedoras” and “neckbeards” have to do with equality? It’s because it isn’t ABOUT equality. It’s about BULLYING. It’s not about ENDING bullying: It’s about “equality“, meaning the ones that were bullied for centuries by bullies now get to bully the former bullies […]

On Mental Independence

To be human is to be individual. Although all humans share a common humanity (that’s why they’re called “humans“), and this fact is used to consider individual human beings as part of a collective, the truth of the matter is that each human is an individual at the core of his or her being. To […]


Gay stereotypes: bad. Neckbeard stereotypes: good. Logic: what’s that? Liberals don’t use logic. Liberal. Fem. More logic.