Hey, all of you news watchers:

Why is Netflix offering A YEAR of PAID vacation for parents of newborns? I’ll give you a hint: COMPETITION. News. Excerpts from “Breaking News: story 2 of the Apocalyptic Series”. Excerpts from “Fire: story 1 of the Apocalyptic Series”. Economics. Voluntarism and Capitalism. Circumcision. Advertisements

Breaking news:

The same shit that was reported fucking YEARS ago if you were paying attention or know how to read. Excerpts from “Breaking News: Story 2 of the Apocalyptic series”. News. Logic. More logic. John Stossel – RetroReport, The End Of The Story.

“The news” and perspective.

Watching “the news” without perspective is pointless. I think I’d rather read books that have stood the test of time to shape my “worldview” and then compare that to all of the “white noise” of the news-watching world instead of entrusting my views to a television set, which doesn’t allow for my mind to be […]

An early revelation that I had about the news.

The manipulation of interviews by the media is quite frightening. Of course, it shouldn’t be outlawed. But other forms of speech must become more popular than the manipulations prevalent within television news, but especially when it comes to interviews. It’s terrifying. Our brains are all we have and thankfully, if we lose our mental capabilities or never had […]

The TRUE reason that “the news” exists, and how it operates.

The function of news is to exist as a confirmation bias: nothing more, nothing less. It is simply and exactly making money to tell people exactly what they want to hear, and that doesn’t always involve learning (in fact, in most cases, it doesn’t because most of the biggest news organizations don’t have a dedicated “education” […]

Why some people become news reporters.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it until I die: Those that CAN make the news, do and those that CAN’T make the news, make the news. The ones who CAN do things, DO things, and the ones whom CAN’T do things, REPORT on those that do. That’s why there’s so many incompetent news […]

DNews – Why You Should Swear More!

I’m a genius. But people don’t listen to me. I’ve been saying the same thing for about a year now, and for the exact same reasons. Oh well 🙂 Unnecessary conservatism. Read some of this instead. I’m glad that I’m independent in many ways, even if I struggle with independence in other areas due to […]