A Short Message (with a Necessarily Long Title) Regarding my Personal Opinions About Comedy Amid A Terribly Distressing Existence (as well as an Insight into my Hypersensitive Nature)

Occasionally, I feel the need to write something stupid. No doubt, I do not need to try very hard at this. But I am well aware of how far behind other readers and writers I am as far as intellectual depth is concerned. Although I hope to increase my reading comprehension and knowledge of the […]

My own opinions; my own little world; my own bubble; my own PEACE…

From now on, I’m not going to get involved in debates, or try to change people’s minds, or worry about the fallacies in their heads. I’m just going to ignore them, write my opinions, and let other people do what they want to with it. I’m tired of stressing out over other people’s incorrect worldviews… […]

Another (of the numerous) message on the opinions of others…

As often as I’ve seen masses of people misinterpret and misunderstand someone, and try to make said person a “pariah”, I really don’t know why I should give a fucking goddamn at all what someone thinks of me. If I can ever stop caring about that stupid shit altogether, I know in my heart my […]

In my opinion, the best comedians are extremely logical thinkers. And here’s why…

Any good comedian must have a firm grasp of logic, and must be able to play off of that accordingly. More logic. Funny. Jokes. Videos that can only be categorized as “Comedy”.

My opinion about The Great Pumpkin.

Hopefully, the Great Pumpkin wasn’t meant to be an allegory for God, and hopefully it was just created for entertainment’s sake alone. But knowing Charles Schultz, I’m not so sure…………………… If I look at it as just a cute show about kids, it’s fine, but if I think of it as some sort of religious […]


I just realized why people demand that we should “Listen to other people’s opinions as equally as our own!” with such a commanding gusto. Because they aren’t capable of making up their own minds with critical thinking, and this terrifies them, so being told what to think comforts them (which explains the news media, politicians, […]

My controversial opinion over the racial slur used for black people (I use the word)

Never has a word been so feared as “nigger” is in today’s world (at least not to my knowledge). Not “rape”, not “murder”, not “war”, not “MAD (mutually assured destruction)”, maybe “cancer”, “pedophilia” is high up on that list, not “death”, not “infidelity”, even “bankruptcy” can’t come close. I honestly don’t understand it. I get it: it was a […]

Review of George Orwell’s “1984”

This is one of those books that is hard to do justice with a review. The copy that I read, borrowed from my best friend, has a preface by Walter Cronkite written in 1983, and an afterword by Eric Fromm in 1961. I’ll share a little bit of each of these before I write my […]

Review of Stephen King’s “It”

It’s too damn long. Part of the problem is seeing the movie before reading the book. I knew there was going to be a spider, so I wanted to get to that part. That probably diminished some of my enjoyment of the story. Not entirely, however. I like King’s horror and gruesomeness, but I didn’t […]

Thoughts about the current NFL/protest situation.

I’m glad I genuinely don’t give a shit about the NFL situation right now. By “not giving a shit”, I mean not getting angry about the whole situation. I have my opinions about the whole situation, but I’m not as angry about it as it seems like everyone else is. In fact, I actually find […]