The Difference Between Intimate Passion and Rape

People who ask for permission every time they want to initiate physical intimacy with their partner have NO fucking passion in their lives. What’s the point of being in a relationship? If she doesn’t communicate to YOU that she DOESN’T want it, how can she expect YOU to do all of the communication? It’s a […]

Moralistic “compassion.”

It has always pained me when others were disadvantaged where I was blessed. I don’t need moralism preaching to me to be compassionate, and I need not worry a’tall about what others say about my intentions and desires… Insightful. Intelligence. Talent. Liberal. Economics. Voluntarism and Capitalism.

Passions and finances.

I think if you ask yourself “Would I do this for less money than I would like to have?”, and your answer is “Yes”, you’ve found one of your passions in life. About. Insightful. Purpose. Excerpts from my fiction. My poetry. My Youtube channel. Where you can financially support me if you so desire.

The role of “the Left” is to completely eliminate passion from the sexual lives of heterosexual couples.

The role of “the Left” is to completely eliminate passion from the sexual lives of heterosexual couples. Clearly they’ve never been so horny that passion overtakes them. Imagine that you and your girl are so horny that you’re making out, and you just want to fuck her and she just wants to fuck you, and […]

I wish this was not so difficult for me, but this is the endeavor that I must undergo. This is the battle that my passion must fight, even if it leads to a stalemate while I remain on this earth.

My conscience will not let me go. I had nothing to do with tragedies that have occurred to people in the past, but my heart still feels sad. It’s really a losing battle to feel guilt for things that occurred before you were born (and even some things that occurred after you were born, and that […]

Misfortune, Wealth Distribution (although not in its entirety), Envy, Logic, Compassion, Natural Rights, and Communism

Why should we feel guilty for being at peace because others are misfortuned? If misfortune is such a bad thing, as evidenced by the fact we feel guilty for something, why is it bad when others are disadvantaged, but good when others and ourselves are disadvantaged? We should support people that aren’t disadvantaged just like we support […]

Moral Requirements and Passion

People think that it is the moral requirement of those with passion to give passion to those without it. But how is that possible? It’s like a teacher trying to force a student to learn. If the student doesn’t want to, then he’ll never learn. The teacher can try everything he can but if the student never cares, […]


Inspiration often comes from the weirdest places. Tonight was a night like a lot of other nights. I was surfing the web when I heard a clap of thunder. Considering how much money I spent on my PC, I saved what I was watching (h3 interviewing Jordan Peterson) to come back to later, shut down […]

Love and Advantage

A man came by the house today. He was a man I’ve known my entire life. And it wasn’t the first time that he’s ever showed up at the house. He had some cards that he was wanting to know the value of. Some Yugioh, Pokemon, Magic, and some other cards that I’m not sure […]

Murray Rothbard on sports.

“Of all areas of life, sports should be the arena least touched by politics. For the glory of being a sports fan is precisely that we are engaging in fun and play, that we are permitted to be ‘irrational’; that is, to be Yankee or Mets fans, to love our team and to hate the […]