The perfect dick and cock’.

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The perfectionism of intelligence…

I’m always mad when I get a good idea because I wonder why I didn’t get it sooner… Intelligence. Ignorance. A Philosopher’s Mind. Highly Sensitive Mind. Intellect Equals Cockiness? Excellence (meaning to excel), talent, etc. Perfection. Moral. Christianity. Talent. Condemning Talent.

“No one is perfect” as an excuse for evil.

I don’t think that the fact that no one is perfect and everyone is sinful is justification for murder, so I don’t understand why it’s justification for the acceptance of other evils, either. Lack of perfection and the impossibility of its existence does not give evil any high ground. That’s what makes our existence, including (and […]

The horrible conclusion to the world? Possibly. Sin has rendered the world imperfect, but hopefully there’s hope before death, although I’m admittedly skeptical, although I hope that I’m wrong. WWIII.

We need an anarchical revolution. If that means that the world gets blown up by nuclear weapons by all of the governments on earth, so be it. Give me liberty or give me death. ‘Tis better to die than to live a slave. Anarchism and Capitalism. Christianity.

My ultimate purpose in life, the expression of which is becoming greater and greater to where it will reach a point of perfection and no turning back. My goal is 100% honest expression with no fears and no manipulations of my own intentions in my own mind.

I’m finally getting closer and closer to that point where I can piss as many people off as possible and have ZERO fucks to give. Where they can’t convince me of my own intentions and I don’t have to worry about anything at all. THAT would be my perfect existence ❤ I have to keep […]

I love confusion and despise it all at the same time. I love it, because it fuels my curiosity and makes me look for infallible truths, but I also despise it because it at the same time reminds me that I’m not there, and understanding the value of truths makes me want to have them, and not having them is like being thirsty and knowing that you need water, but not knowing where any is, if there is enough of it to satisfy your thirst, or even if there is any at all. THIS is my existence: what I wish it to be, and thankfully, what it is, so what it is and what I want it to be are in perfect agreement, and I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

I’m a unique individual just as everyone else is, but for the life of me, I confuse myself just as much as other people confuse me, and it makes me wonder how we know anything truthful at all (something isn’t true just because we believe it, as I know someone will say “It’s true because we believe […]

I think that the purpose of life is happiness. I think that the purpose of diversity can only be understood by God Himself, unless He enlightens someone with perfect knowledge about diversity.

I think that happiness is the point of life because everything else would be unfilfilling. Diversity is God’s natural plan, and that means that happiness comes in all different shapes, sizes, abilities and passions, which can mean a smart person can hate their intelligence while a dumb person loves their stupidity, and you can have […]