Personality Development 2? My existential purpose? My intrinsic enjoyment and happiness? My “Heaven”?

I’m going to continue to have a difficult life ahead of me because of my need of independent intellectual endeavors. Even though people will support me in that decision, I do not want to talk to them. Which makes this more difficult, as people will want to talk to me. However, all I want out […]

I’ll be called “cocky” for this, but this is part of my own personality development (growth, my love for understanding, etc. etc.)

The life of the “talented writer with a gift” is exhausting, simply because it never stops. I am human, afterall (just funny to say this because it reminds me of both the religious and the envious condemning me as prideful, as if I thought I was omniscient). It really shows their ignorance when they mistake intelligence for omniscience, does it not? (The aforementioned, […]

Personality Development

This is probably my favorite piece of non-fiction that I’ve written to this point. It’s called “Personality Development.” Enjoy 🙂 I love it when my actions are justified on a level so deep that only I can understand it because explaining it is too tiring for not enough payoff. I love making my own decisions […]

The Apparent Conflict Between “Practicality” and “Art”

I’m not sure if my best friend, Devin Stevens, wishes me to make this public or not. But I think I will, anyway. My best friend, Devin Stevens, has a habit of walking back and forth, talking to himself. It is interesting, and some might even say peculiar. I really only paid attention to it […]

Why Express?

Why do we desire to express ourselves with other human beings? What is this desire to “express”? What are we looking for? Why is it so natural, and so human? Why are we social creatures? Why don’t we exist without the ability, nor even, without the desire to express? Why aren’t we isolated atoms, unconscious, […]

Personal Happiness as a Virtue

Humanity has an aversion to happiness, and I can’t figure it out. Conservatives tell you that holiness is more important than happiness (as sin can make one happy, and that leads to eternal damnation), and other people, generally unhappy, will tell you countless reasons as to why “There are more important things in life than […]

Life Direction as of 10/5/16 3:25 am

I have finally accepted, through “A Labor of Love”, that I am a lazy person. I am learning to just accept this now, instead of worrying about my future, as most say I should. And the key, for me, is to feel like I am in control of my life. I’ve posted in “A Declaration […]

Uncompleted work…

All I have to do is look at all that I want to write, and it makes me want to not write. It makes me want to post clever Facebook statuses instead of mentally swimming through a sea of ideological sparks of self-discovery, on my way to finding out how to specifically start a piece of nonfiction as […]