Some Personal Philosophies, 2/15/17, 4:33 AM

There has never been a better time in my life for me to write than right now. Everything is falling into place perfectly. I’m more mentally developed than I have ever been since I wanted to write (I know that may come as a surprise to many of you. I must’ve set the bar pretty […]

Philosophy, logic, and religion.

Philosophy and logic are crucial to understanding our place in the world. Religion is frequently not enough… More logic. Intelligence.

Philosophy, peace, and happiness.

Life is boring and disappointing when you rely on the intellectual capabilities of a randomly-sampled large number of human beings. One question that remains unanswered, however, is how should one accept one’s own limitations? If I, for example, am frustrated at the ignorance and apathy of others, what does that say about my own ignorance and apathy? […]

MY philosophy of grammar (and EFFECTIVELY, my philosophy of EDITING, although NOT in its entirety).

“Rules were made to be broken” in the case of grammar. It is true that we must have grammatical rules, but the whole purpose for grammatical rules is for effective communication: they don’t exist for their own sake; they exist simply for clarity’s sake regarding communication: what do specific words and organizations of specific words mean? For this […]

Philosophy and God

All of the philosophers have attempted to understand the nature of God, whether they knew that that was what they were doing or not. Stefan Molyneux. Insightful. Things that I have for sale on Kindle. Where you can financially support me if you so desire.

Philosophy and deceit are incompatible.

The philosopher must be the opposite of the conman or else he is not a philosopher. This doesn’t mean that the philosopher doesn’t want to get paid, but the philosopher always seeks truth and never lies to obtain an advantage, or else he is not a philosopher. (This doesn’t mean that humans that philosophize are […]

Philosophical thoughts

No one angers me more than these people that make others feel guilty for not living up to a virtuous standard. There is a reason that people are how they really are. Trying to live a virtuous life to get into Heaven is a waste of time, not because Heaven isn’t real, but because it […]

Philosophical at it’s deepest; the liberals are dead wrong, but they won’t understand that

Sometimes it’s hard to accept that your mental activities do not depend on any particular individual at any particular time. It requires an understanding of people in general: namely, that any given advice at any given time is not guaranteed to be objectively correct, that individual desires can exist independently of other people, that conflicts […]