Purposeful Action

As so eloquently stated by Mises (and elaborated by Rothbard), human beings use means to achieve ends. This is known as “praxeology”. I decided to embark on writing this as, not too long ago, I was sitting and thinking about what I was doing. Now what exactly was it that I was doing? Good question. […]


I have a tendency to write about “human nature”, but for this piece, I will try to focus solely on myself. Sometimes, I feel brain-dead. I feel as if no stimulation is entering my brain, or that the stimulation that is still, for all intents and purposes, is not enough to alleviate my “brain-dead” status. […]

The only purpose that I EVER wish to have with my work.

I only care about how much other people like my work to the degree that it directly translates into money, but even then, I don’t care that much. Because I’m not willing to compromise the real purpose of my work just to make more money, and that’s to make myself happy. The day that I stop working to […]

The hypocritical purpose and METHODOLOGY of liberalism.

Liberal ideology is bullying, which makes their “NO H8” campaign fucking hysterical and tragic, all at the same time. Fem. Economics. Voluntarism and Capitalism.

Peace and Purpose

I’m becoming more and more convinced that in order to obtain happiness, one must find what gives one inner peace, instead of trying to solve all of the horrors of the outside world. If “inner peace” involves alleviating some of these causes, then the actions might be more beneficial. But without this “inner peace“, alleviating the […]

An offensive joke about the TRUE beauty of the purpose of God creating marriage.

Marriage: “Let me trick you into letting me in your pants, and then I’m done with you.” I can see why God is pleased with “marriage” and thus designed it ❤ Offend the Fuck Out of People. Offensive. Christianity. Slayer – Raining Blood – Live.

My ultimate purpose in life, the expression of which is becoming greater and greater to where it will reach a point of perfection and no turning back. My goal is 100% honest expression with no fears and no manipulations of my own intentions in my own mind.

I’m finally getting closer and closer to that point where I can piss as many people off as possible and have ZERO fucks to give. Where they can’t convince me of my own intentions and I don’t have to worry about anything at all. THAT would be my perfect existence ❤ I have to keep […]

Personality Development 2? My existential purpose? My intrinsic enjoyment and happiness? My “Heaven”?

I’m going to continue to have a difficult life ahead of me because of my need of independent intellectual endeavors. Even though people will support me in that decision, I do not want to talk to them. Which makes this more difficult, as people will want to talk to me. However, all I want out […]

I think that the purpose of life is happiness. I think that the purpose of diversity can only be understood by God Himself, unless He enlightens someone with perfect knowledge about diversity.

I think that happiness is the point of life because everything else would be unfilfilling. Diversity is God’s natural plan, and that means that happiness comes in all different shapes, sizes, abilities and passions, which can mean a smart person can hate their intelligence while a dumb person loves their stupidity, and you can have […]

Art is a random miracle with a perfect purpose and direction, even though it’s purpose seems not to be about the basics of life (food, reproduction, etc.)

Accomplishment is driven by nothing else other than desire. Why do people write? What compels someone, instead of just eating and sleeping, to say “You know what? I’m going to create a little world through communication, and I want other people to understand this communication and this world.” It’s awfully random. There probably isn’t a […]