The parts of Böhm-Bawerk’s “Capital and Interest” that resonate most with me (updated as I read).

1. “Literally to ascribe to capital a power of producing value is thoroughly to misunderstand the essential nature of value, and thoroughly to misunderstand the essential nature of production. Value is not produced, and cannot be produced. What is produced is never anything but forms, shapes of material, combinations of material; therefore things, goods. These goods […]

On Being Read Without Reading

For some reason, everything that I write seems to overlap in some way. This makes me feel crazy, as I fear the reader will think I’m crazy. I’m afraid that anything that I really want to say will be misunderstood by the reader; if not due to the reader’s comprehension skills, then my own communication […]

On Reading

It seems only fair that, being a writer, I should write something about reading, as writing is meant to be read. I write because things are within me that I desire to get out. The “getting them out” provides a relief and satisfaction to me. And, after that, I desire to have them read by […]

*Read like “Chemical X” in Powerpuff Girls intro*: “Preparation H.”

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The parts of Human Action by Mises that I most intimately relate to (updated as I currently read and find more things to add).

1. “It is vain to object that life and reality are not logical. Life and reality are neither logical nor illogical; they are simply given. But logic is the only tool available to man for the comprehension of both. It is vain to object that life and history are inscrutable and ineffable and that human reason […]