From page 200 and 201 of “The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook” (Hopefully, this helps you out)

(Originally published 4/9/13): Mistaken Traditional Assumption: It is selfish to put your needs before others’ needs. Your Legitimate Right: You have a right to put yourself first sometimes. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mistaken Traditional Assumption: It is shameful to make mistakes. You should have appropriate response for every occasion. Your Legitimate Right: You have a right to make mistakes. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mistaken Traditional […]

The goal in my intellectual life. (I consider myself to be many different things. First and foremost, I want to be a student of objective truths. Next, I want to be an entertainer and someone that relaxes people. These are my two biggest driving forces in my life).

My goal in life is to have some type of theory about as many phenomena in life as I can conceive of, and my hope is that some of these things have value much as the theory of relativity did, or something of that nature. My goal is to be remembered as someone that brought […]

A relaxing process as I philosophically delve into my career and economics

One thing that I’m learning is that something is rarely appreciated as soon as it is created. Because not everyone sees something as soon as you create it. You create it, and you market it where you can, but it isn’t shown to everybody and sometimes, it is seen months after the original creation and […]

Here’s a catchy title with the word “blood” in it. Intrigued? What’s it about? Hmm. Find out?

Went to Walmart so that I could get an outdoor mat to have one for each door. A blood van was there. It wasn’t the American Red Cross: it was The Blood Connection. They asked if I’d give some blood, and I said I would. I was pretty anxious. I’m used to blood and needles […]


Anything that is written, as this is, must come from some perspective. Something that is created must go somewhere. Must have some meaning. There has to be a reason for why the creator created it. It must come from the vision of the creator. The creator wants people to see his end result. He has […]


I have always scoffed at the phrase “Life is not about the destination, but the journey.” No doubt, as is the case with everything, this was influenced by being raised in religion. I was introduced to the idea that when I die, there is a perfect place I am going to if I do x […]

A Way Out

Never before in my life have I felt more in control of my life. And never have I felt more terrified (well……maybe that’s an exaggeration. I’m sure my recollection of past anxieties is quite understated, now that I’ve given it more than five seconds of thought (it’s odd how sometimes, it’s hard to forget what […]

A Brief Piece About Language

The hardest part of starting a piece of writing is starting it. (I hope I’m credited for this quote some day). It may be noted that the hardest part of writing is coming up with an idea. But the hardest part is actually reigning them in. To put it bluntly, “writers” who say that “I […]

“Conquering the Demons”

The anxieties of the past Still haunt Devouring the eternally saved soul There is no Heaven on Earth The Devil has you In his grip of worry A torture Created in youth Remaining for a lifetime A light shines But it does not comfort The fear follows it The words They remain The worries Still […]

Sitting in Silence

Despite the fact that, as a writer, I wish that I spent most of my “writing” time actually physically writing, the truth is that, as I am painfully learning, that a large percentage of a writer’s time is sitting in silence, thinking. In some ways, this has always made me feel very uncomfortable. Uneasy. Although […]