Small Town Religion

God is so great. God is so good. He has blessed this spiritually devoid town. He has blessed it with repetition and envious discontent. God damn those successful people. God damn those worldly heatherns… God bless the small town. God bless the stagnant. God bless the hateful, and the loud. God bless the ignorant. God […]

A short, smart statement about the conflicting nature of religious conservatism.

A religious conservative, by virtue of not being calm, can do little effectively, for his mind is always torn between his actions and his anxieties… And, anyway, he often finds little time to do anything other than deceiving others that he is pleased with his current state of contentment… Free Will Contradictions. Christianity. Offend the […]

Self-esteem is at the root of happiness, and that’s precisely what “Christian” religious conservatism destroys.

There’s no point in taking pride in personal characteristics if you can’t internally acknowledge them and accept them through self-esteem. But yet, this is precisely what a self-proclaimed “loving” “religion” does not allow… There’s no hope for happiness when all you hear is what a terrible person you are, regardless of how many times the name “Christ” […]

Philosophy, logic, and religion.

Philosophy and logic are crucial to understanding our place in the world. Religion is frequently not enough… More logic. Intelligence.

Religion is a form of OCD.

Obsessive thought: “I’M GOING TO HELL!” Compulsion: Go to church, Pray, Do “good deeds” ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Obsessive thought: “I’m a Christian.” Compulsion: Proving it ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Obsessive thought: “I have a moral duty to save others.” Compulsion: Preaching at them, Trying to convert them, Handing them religious pamphlets… ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Obsessive thought: “I’m a sinner.” Compulsion: Asking for […]

Two of the most useless religions on the face of this planet.

Catholicism is the most fucking useless religion on the face of this planet, with free will baptism being a close fucking second. Christianity. Moral. Religion.

The role of religious conservatives.

Religious conservatives are grim reapers, whose soul purpose is to kill the soul of living individuals by stabbing them in the heart with their knives, which, in their perverted minds, saves them, when all it does is drive people away from the goodness of God… It’s a shame, but at least it will all be […]

A religious sex joke.

And God said “Let there be pussy.” And he saw that it was good. Because he’s a dirty old creep. “He sees you when you’re sleeping; he knows when you’re awake.” HE KNOWS WHEN YOU JACK OFF? He knows when you jack off… And that’s why you need to give your church money, so that […]

Cliches are more true than we realize when they aren’t applied in the same manner that religious people apply The Ten Commandments…

If you aren’t willing to be consumed by your work, 24/7, and be consumed and tortured by it, then don’t waste your time working on whatever you’re working on and find said work. Christianity. Where you can financially support me if you so desire (please share all of these links). Excerpts from my fiction. My poetry. […]