Review of “Gerald’s Game” by Stephen King

At first, it might seem odd why a young man, with a critical penchant, would decide to subject himself to a story in which, no doubt, the subject matter would be ripe for critique. Why does a man subject himself to something he hates, only to complain about it? It must be that he actually enjoys the […]

Review of Stephen King’s “It”

It’s too damn long. Part of the problem is seeing the movie before reading the book. I knew there was going to be a spider, so I wanted to get to that part. That probably diminished some of my enjoyment of the story. Not entirely, however. I like King’s horror and gruesomeness, but I didn’t […]

Review of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”

My decision to re-read books of my past, and review them, continues with “The Great Gatsby”. “The Great Gatbsy” is one of those books that seems to be an assigned reading multiple times throughout one’s “formal” education. The first time I recall being assigned to read this was in 11th grade. And the second time […]

Review of 2017’s “It”

Saw the movie “It” yesterday. I knew it wasn’t going to be as good as the first miniseries, so I wouldn’t say that I was disappointed. It was a CGI shitfest. Hollywood keeps churning them out because people keep buying the tickets. I guess most people enjoy the ugly patchwork of CGI “action” (or, at […]

On Writing with Nothing to Say

Why do I desire to write when I have nothing to say? Or, rather, why do I have something to say when I don’t desire to write? I constantly find myself in one of these two camps as a writer. Sometimes, such as right now, I desire to write. I open up my works of […]

People that support the draft are Satanic.

People that support the draft are evil, pure and simple. They are Satanic: perpetuating great evils in the name of good. There is no other description for perpetuating evils in the name of good besides “Satanic.” (Stephen King most certainly fits this description, and it has nothing to do with his fiction, because, as he says (to paraphrase him): all people […]

More retarded government supporters.

Saying that you have a duty to your government is like saying that you have a duty to your rapist, your thief, or the murderer of your family members. It’s fucking retarded. (I’m looking at you, Stephen King). Politics. Economics. Liberal. Fem. Offend the Fuck Out of People. Voluntarism and Capitalism. Things that I have for […]

Excellence (meaning to excel), talent, etc.

Excellence is defined by Wikipedia as “a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards.” To condemn excellence is to kill the world. Let’s think about this for a moment. Who are the people you consider “talented” and “excellent” and “better than everyone else”? I’ll give you some examples of my own […]

Local Man Not Dissuaded By Vomit – The Garlic Journal

BENTONVILLE, AR – Yesterday, at 12:01 PM, 27-year-old Brad Stephenson told reporters that he still planned on ordering a sundae later that evening as he was seen vomiting outside the local McDonald’s. A television crew from station WEFT reported that they approached the young man after seeing him knelt over the railing in front of […]


It’s amazing how the greatest insights, academia, answers and knowledge were not created in a classroom. They were created by people that were already smart, thinking and learning in different locations, who then shared this knowledge with other people. They weren’t doing it because they had to. They were doing it because they wanted to. […]