When I start thinking about profiting off of my work.

It’s only during those down periods between creative moments that I think about money. I wish I could fill those times with something productive… My work. Economics. Voluntarism and Capitalism. Where you can financially support me if you so desire (T-shirts included; please share all of these links). Advertisements

In my opinion, the best comedians are extremely logical thinkers. And here’s why…

Any good comedian must have a firm grasp of logic, and must be able to play off of that accordingly. More logic. Funny. Jokes. Videos that can only be categorized as “Comedy”.

Yep, I think I’m better than everyone else, alright…

It’s going to be hard for me to be completely honest with people, and stand up for myself, and express my individuality and remain firm in it. But I suppose that just makes me like everyone else… Intellect Equals Cockiness? Intelligence. Insightful. A Treatise on Stubbornness.

My best friend has analyzed my “magnum opus”, “Torture”, better than I ever could (and more so than I would ever want to myself). It’s fantastic, and I think he has truly described it better than I ever could.

Check out his review here. It’s incredibly accurate to my own intentions while writing, and honestly, he shed a few insights into the piece that I hadn’t thought of myself, except within my subconscious (so obvious spoiler alerts here). And check out an excerpt, as well as a link to it on Amazon (and to my […]

I don’t really like talking about myself as a writer (except what I think will help me get more money (to a certain extent)), but…

Writing tortures me, as I have ideas that I think are so good, I will not allow my brain to focus on ANYTHING else until they are done, for fear of forgetting them. Even if it means staying up too late, or forgetting to do something else of varying importance, from marginally unimportant to marginally […]

HOW to we provide clarity of thinking? (This would be a good title for a longer piece, but I suppose that it will suffice here).

It seems like many people think that if you weren’t willing to speak to others about your arguments verbally and debate that your arguments somehow lose truthful value. Of course, they forget about all of the pieces of literature that they’ve read that “ring true” to them (including the Bible), and they seem to forget how full […]

What I think that, INEVITABLY, smart people have to do to be happy.

The average mind is so entangled with ignorance that there’s no point in trying to untangle it. It’s best to just “let it be”, meaning focusing on your own intellectual development instead of trying to “save the world.” Peace. Insightful.

Risk-taking isn’t just about losses for the capitalist. It’s about EMOTIONAL risk for the one who wants to be widely known for being a thinker, an artist, and a creative type.

Succeeding is about taking risks. You have to put your heart and soul on the line and be willing to do so knowing that you will receive criticism and vitriol. There’s no other way to truly succeed. Things that I have for sale on Kindle. Where you can financially support me if you so desire.